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Kipor IG2000

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The Kipor IG2000 inverter generator can produce up to 2000W of max load electrical power and 1600W of continuous clean electricity for safe use by delicate electronics. Also included with the package are the charge cables of 12 volts, two 120-volt 30-amp plug receptacles, and an accessory kit. This kit includes a 12V charge line,  an oil bottle and a spark plug. At max load, the amount of energy emitted lasts for about 3.5 hours and the time can be lengthened if the output is low.

The alternator in Kipor IG2000 is directly connected to the engine; so it’s 50 percent smaller and lighter than the usual portable generators. A computerized inverter system keeps the voltage at a steady level of 120V. Depending on the load, the smart-throttle technology adjusts the engine speed, diminishing the fuel consumption by about 20-40%, extending the running time and providing a quiet operation. In addition to this, the two-tiered noise dampening system engenders a 3dB drop in noise levels, which is 1/2 of the total level of noise. The Kipor IG2000 can also function as a source of electricity in emergency situations for appliances and sensitive/non-sensitive electronics. It’s also very portable, providing efficient, clean power supply and expels less exhaust into the environment.

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Kipor IG2000 Features and Specifications

  • Kipor IG2000 Dimensions: 20.2 x 16.7 x 11.6 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 55 pounds
  • Product Weight: 48 pounds
  • Light-weight design
  • Pure sine wave energy is produced for powering sophisticated electronic equipment
  • Smart Throttle technology controls engine speed to match load, resulting in high fuel efficiency and quiet operation.
  • Delivers a max load of 2000 Watts and 1600 Watts of continuous clean energy
  • Includes 12-volt charge cables, two-120-volt 30-amp plug receptacles, and accessory kit
  • Non-CARB compliant
  • 2-year non-commercial/1-year commercial warranty

Kipor IG2000 Inverter Generator Reviews

The Kipor IG2000’s efficiency and performance levels has been the target of positive reviews and ratings from people who have experienced it. But there have been a lot purchasers who have complained about the quality and durability of the generator parts. One of the customers expressed her dislike over the breaking of the cord rewind. In addition to that, after she was shipped a new one, it too refused to work. Another complainant warned of the dangers of using the generator above 4000 feet attitude level,  because it will just die off. Furthermore, it did not work well for his large power tools.

However, still the majority of reviewers are favorable towards the generator, satisfied with the way it runs and its light-weight. One of the reviewers commented on how the Kipor IG2000 had a better look, ran longer on one single tank of gas and was more powerful than the previous brand generator he had bought. Another reviewer boasted the product was so effective that it powered just about everything from his circular saw to the 1500 Watt heater.

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The Kipor IG2000 Inverter Generator is a great source of electrical power, it starts after just a  few pulls and is quite reliable. We agree with one reviewer’s assessment of the Kipor that this is a  product you will not be disappointed with.


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