Kipor Generator Reviews Reveal Low Cost Way of Producing Energy


We found Kipor generator reviews online, one of the Kipor KGE3500ti AKA 3500ti generator, including a look at the dealer and troubleshooting information. One review had photos of the Kipor generator and its various accessories and parts. Let’s take a look.

Although this reviewer said that he shopped for quite awhile and finally decided on this Kipor generator, he had no idea if it would prove to have the dependability and long life of a Honda or Yamaha and only time would tell.

This generator, according to reviews, is fairly new and is made in China. It costs about half what a Honda or Yamaha would cost. It retails now for a little over $1200, a price that just increased $200 after this review was written.

This Kipor generator doesn’t offer anything in the way of troubleshooting and didn’t even come with instructions, although the reviewer said it was easy to put together and figure out how to run. He praised the dealer, saying that the handle had a ding in it that probably happened during delivery and the dealer immediately sent a new replacement. It came with accessories such as an oil filter bottle, an oil filter and a wheel kit that was easy to assemble.

One Kipor generator review owner used it for the family fifth wheel. He said it ran not only the hood microwave but also the 15k btu air conditioning system. He said it easily ran the air conditioning, although it did rev up with both it and the microwave going at the same time. He said it is quiet and you can’t hear it at all when you’re inside a camper with the air conditioning running.

Another praised his Kipor generator dealer for sending it quickly and also quickly replacing its damaged handle and wheel.

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