Kinetico Water Softeners

Kinetico Water Softeners

Here is detailed information on Kinetico Water Softeners.

How about an approach that combines traditional knowledge with modern know-how? For a company with over 40-years of expertise in dealing with water related problems’, coming up with the above mentioned amalgamation is surely not out of bounds. ‘Kinetico’, a pioneer in water purification products, ranging from filters to softeners; is very much different in its approach when compared to other companies. Treating water more efficiently, effectively and economically, Kinetico has been able to keep an edge above the rest.

Taking in the traditional knowledge of water softeners and the innovation of some of the brightest engineers, the company has built itself a reputation of being able to provide pure and safe water around the globe.

And what exactly is a modern know-how for instance? Well, Kinetico’s patented “unplugged” approach makes the systems run on the power of moving water rather than electricity. This not only saves energy but also make operation hassle free, as there are no electronic parts to be monitored. Moreover, the system not only save electricity but also water itself; it operates only when it senses the need for water preventing waste of it.

The water softeners are built to be very durable as well as highly reliable. With industry-leading warranties, the customers are always at an upper hand when it comes to maintenance. And when it comes to system installation, the entire set-up can be chosen to tailor-made. With experts examining the customers water needs and plumbing systems they can suggest the best system out there for every need. Water quality fluctuates from home to home, and as such to get the best out of our system, it is necessary to understand it to the fullest. Kinetico’s professional team will not only suggest the product but will also regulate your budget as well as provide an understanding about the water system that is in place and its pros and cons.

And in this century when our mother earth is in jeopardy, Kinetico water softeners have taken the pain to design its products to be as eco-friendly as possible. With systems utilizing least amount of salt and utilizing no electric power at all; the systems are seen to work better and for longer.

Modern softeners have been developed which use no salt and work on magnetic and other forces. But customer reviews clearly show that nothing has proved to be more effective than the traditional system using salt to kill the hardness from water. As such Kinetico’s noble concept was to develop upon the traditional set-up only and to make the system affordable, eco-friendly and far more effective than the earlier systems. Kinetico’s quest is to provide its customers with the safest water… Pure Water..!


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