Kids Boxing Gloves


Are you wondering how you will encourage your kids to take up some sporting activities? Buying them the kids boxing gloves can be a good start. Just like any other kids sports, boxing is especially ideal as it not helps your kids develop strong muscles for physical fitness, but also teaches them basic personal defense skills. The grant boxing gloves are very common as they have a firm, snug fit into the kids’ hands.

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How Do You Choose the Right Kids Boxing Gloves?

Apart from boxing, gloves can be used for other sports such as kickboxing, cardio boxing, and karate among other such sports. However, how do you ensure that you select the perfect blow up boxing gloves for kids? Here are some handy tips that you could make use of.

  • Size and weight

Generally, the little kids boxing gloves have a special size and hand cages in order to have that snug fit. A good size of the glove allows for the hand wraps and resists tear and wear incredibly.  When your kids are wearing the gloves, they should be able to wrap their hands as well as feel comfortable. As for the weight, 12 oz are considered ideal for people with small hands such as your kids.

  • Material of make

Kids who are in their early stages of boxing career or training need soft, comfortable gloves. The commonly used materials for kids boxing gloves are either made of leather or PVC. Artificial leather is genuine and soft, therefore the perfect choice for kids’ gloves.

  • Punching bags

Punching bags are very useful when it comes to training. For the kids, the free standing punching bags are better than the hanging ones for the kids’ convenience. To avoid the risk of injury, kids must have their gloves on as they work on the punching bags.

  • Type of padding

Generally, there are two kinds of glove padding: the gel padding and the foam padding. While both forms are regularly used, the gel padding though seems to have a better preference given its ability to deliver better impact resistance and its rigidity. So, ensure that your kids’ hands are well protected as they embark on either training or boxing.

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Importance of Boxing to Kids

While you may think that you are just buying toy boxing gloves for kids, they could be the spark that ignites your kids’ passion for the sport. Contrary to what many people think of boxing as a violent sport, it is in fact, one of the fun sports that teach kids such values as discipline, strength and overall physical fitness. As expected, there will be occasions when your kids will suffer injuries, but the bigger picture is that they learn how to toughen up and make every effort to be stronger and better.

In addition to all these values, it could be the beginning of an illustrious boxing career for your kid. Thus, the kids boxing gloves are a nice way to keep your children entertained and busy.


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