Kettler Rowing Machines Review


Kettler is a German company. It has been in existence since 1949 and is known for its quality rowing machine products. They have been in the United States for over 20 years. The official Kettler website does not have very much information on their products. In fact you have to email a representative to even locate a dealer in your area. However, the machines are available through many online sellers. Some of the most popular Kettler rowing machines are listed below with some of their features.

Kettler Coach Rowing Machine: This machine runs $800-$1000. It is probably the most popular of the Kettler line and comes recommended by professional reviewers. The machine features 10 levels of adjustable resistance. Notable different from other rowing machines, it also offers 16 additional strength training exercises. Kettler is confident in their product and as a result offers a lifetime warranty on the frame of the machine and a 3 year warranty on parts and labor. This model has magnetic resistance. As well as many fitness monitoring and fitness assessment features including: time, number of strokes, speed of strokes, energy consumption, room temperature, total miles, pulse rate, and a recovery pulse rate which will then rate your fitness level on a scale of 1-6. Consumer reviewers complained that the settings could not be saved, and a few said that the pulse meter did not work accurately, but otherwise gave it 4-5 stars out of 5.

Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine: It typically costs $600-$800. It is built in the outrigger style. This means that it replicates the motion of the oar on the water. It features 12 adjustable resistance settings, an ear lobe clip for measuring heart rate and a computer which displays time, oar strokes, distance, heart rate, kiljoules, energy consumption, and current cadence. Consumers gave it 4-5 stars

Kettler Ergo Coach Rowing Machine: This machine runs around $1400. It is very similar to the Kettler coach rowing machine with some additional features. For example, with this machine, the greater the energy in the stroke the greater the resistance to the stroke. It offers up to 500 Watt Maximum resistance. There are 8 possible preset training programs, 16 additional exercises, and chest belt heart rate monitor. A built in LCD screen also displays, time, number of strokes, speed of strokes, energy consumption, room temperature, total miles, pulse rate, automatic measurement of recovery pulse (will also rate your fitness level on a scale of 1-6), automatic switch between the data sets, average values at the end of a training session for pulse and stroke speed, display of age with automatic pulse range for fat burning and fitness zone. There is also a USB interface which allows downloads of interactive software and exchangeable pre-set programs from Kettler.

Kettler Rowing Machines are a great addition to any home gym. They offer an excellent cardiovascular as well as strength training workout.


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