Kenwood Multi Pro Libra FP950


Time passes by very quickly. One hasn`t even turned back as the 21st century stands in front of the door. Things change. Our grand parents get used to cell phones and electric ovens. The kitchen does not look like 20 years ago.

Kitchen appliances occupied a special place in our house. They make life easier and help to prepare meals that is impossible without the aid of “intelligent” mechanisms. Food, cooked with the latest technologies and automatic kitchen appliances, is often tastier and much healthier than traditional dishes.

Today there is a lot of special tools to simplify and speed up the execution of culinary operations. The main share of the price of any device is the cost of the motor. You can pay for several motors of different kitchen devices or for one with different accessories. Besides, if your kitchen is not large enough, you can hardly find the place for all these devices. The manufacturers are offering new technological solutions, modifications and improvements. The choice is very wide, and it becomes even wider with each passing year. 

In addition, there are complex devices which are able to do several different functions. A multifunctional food processor is the most popular among them.

So meet Kenwood Multi Pro Libra FP950. 

It looks stunning in any kitchen. Its dimensions: 390x250x220 mm. (HxWxD). The weight is 5 kg. If you want to hide it after cooking process is finished, you will have additional power-lifting exercises.

It has a brushed stainless steel body which doesn`t spoil any kitchen interior.

 The powerful motor (1000w) has variable speeds and handy pulse setting which are easy to control. The unit also has safety lock and non-sleep feet which help to prevent any accidents.Handy cord storage facility means that it is easy to hide the cord after you turn it off.

There are built-in easy-weigh scales for optimum convenience, with a tare (zero) function for continuous weighing. You can weight food directly in the large (3 l capacity) bowl. The weighing scales are handy as you can zero them and add further ingredients to the bowl or you can put the weigh plate on and just use the scales.

The FP950 has a unique, patented space-saving Dual Drive system, which uses the same base for food processing and liquidizing.

It comes with a range of useful attachments (9), including a coarse slicing/shredding disk, fine slicing/shredding disk, julienne disk, dough tool, metal twin-geared whisk and glass mill, as well as a maxi blend canopy to increase the quantities you can process at once. You also have Rasping/Parmesan disc, Storage carousel and Recipe book.

One can use chopping blade for chopping onions and tomatoes for a quick pasta sauce. The dough blade is for kneading bread, doing cake and biscuit mixes. The blender attachment is used for smoothies and soups and one can use the centrifugal juice attachment for apple and carrot juices.

The mill and the liquidizer are made of thick glass while the bowl is plastic. There are no problems with washing as all parts are dishwasher safe.

One can use the mill to chop nuts, dates and grind coffee beans. The coffee beans can be ground from coarse to fine, depending on your preference.

Pros and contras.

You can make your own choice and buy one with a lot of functions. But think twice how often you need all of them. The main functions of this unit are the most useful, the attachments are made of the qualitative materials and you can easy hide it after cooking process. Enjoy your meals.



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