Kenwood FP920 Reviews


If you are sick and tired of looking for different devices in your kitchen (such as juicer, meat grinder, mixer, slicer and so on) and their attachments in different corners of cupboards, so it is time to look for one multi functional food processor.

A complex device which is able to do several different functions intended for mixing, cutting, beating the individual components and products.

If your family is large or you like to entertain a lot of friends, you should think about powerful and reliable unit.

This one is recommended. The FP920 has a high-quality brushed metal body, a powerful 900 Watt motor, a large capacity (3 Litre) and a glass liquidizer. Patented dual drive design offers ultimate versatility. The motor has variable speeds and pulse function which are easy to control. The unit also has safety lock and non-sleep feet which help to prevent any accidents. It won`t “dance” on your worktop while working process.

Don`t be afraid, it is not large and heavy. Its dimensions: 390x240x220 mm (HxWxD), and weight is 3,3 kg. It is easy to hide it after cooking process if your kitchen is not large. Handy cord storage facility means it as well. It is also easy to wash it as all parts are dishwasher safe.

There are numerous attachments:

  1.5 L glass liquidizer;


  3 L capacity bowl;

  Coarse shred/slice disc;

  Fine julienne disk;

  Fine shred/slice disk;

  Maxi blend canopy;

  Dough tool;

 Full product instructions.

 A twin-geared metal whisk as well as an extra one rasping disc for grating Parmesan are also included.

 The cutters and shredders work well when slicing of all kinds of vegetables and for grating Parmesan. The cutting blade is excellent for chopping up onions (no streaming tears anymore) and you can add the garlic when chopping up onions if you hate cleaning garlic press after use. The julienne disc is suitable for vegetables but not the potato.
The main cutting blade makes light cake making work; it takes no time to rustle up small cakes and scones. The cutter is also excellent for chopped vegetables. The smaller bowl is useful for smaller amounts.
One can use the mill to chop nuts, dates and grind coffee beans. The coffee beans can be ground from coarse to fine, depending on your preference.

You can impress your friends and family with delicious soups and milkshakes made using the liquidizer, while mixing your own curry pastes and chopping herbs, nut and breadcrumbs is as simple as it gets using the multi-mill. The stainless steel chopping blade can also be used to make delicious dips and even the lightest of cake mixes. You can even try making your own bread with the dough tool.

The ‘Kenstore’ storage system will keep your attachments tidy and together. Just remember where it stands.

There is no receipt book, but if you intend to buy this processor, you are experienced user and the chef yet.

 You have to take care when removing the bowl so as to control the spindle’s movement. You must be sure that the bowl is turned completely to the right until it makes a hard ‘click’ when locking into place. You must also turn the bowl lid to ‘lock’ position and again hear the loud click, or the machine will not start.

The manufacturer gives 5 years warranty to this unit. It means that you will have no problems with motor and attachments in case of correct usage. So, please, read the instructions book attentively and twice.


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