Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro Food Processor


If you are a woman, your sacred and honorable duty is to prepare food for your family. Fresh, tasty and various meal to keep them all healthy and happy. Frankly speaking, I hadn`t understood the necessity of kitchen machinery till my first son was born. Usually we had sandwiches for breakfast and supper in the nearest cafe. Things changed quickly. While sitting at home with a child I had time and inspiration to prepare something special. I wanted my husband to hurry home, of course.

But I noticed a lot of bored work in cooking meals.  Mixing, chopping, slicing and shredding take a lot of time, you know. And I still don`t know who write these receipts for kids. They are more complex than the receipts for cosmonauts.

I know a lot of special tools to simplify and speed up the execution of culinary operations. They are: juicer, meat grinder, mixer, slicer and all sorts of other devices intended for mixing, cutting, beating the individual components and products. I looked for a complex device which was able to do several different functions. A multifunctional food processor was an answer to my prayers.

I ordered Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro after reading a lot of reviews. When they brought it, it was a pleasant surprise. Its dimentions:435x540x320 mm (HxWxD). The weight (6,8 kg) made me to find a constant place for it as it seemed heavy to hide it every time after usage. White, with stylish and contemporary design, this beauty decorated my kitchen and didn`t require a lot of space.

It is powerful enough (900 W) for those multi functions they declare. Patented dual drive design offers ultimate versatility. The motor has variable speeds (3) and pulse function which are easy to control. There is also an ice-crushing function to cool and decorate your cocktails. The unit also has safety lock and non-sleep feet so it stays secure and I`m not afraid it falls while working hard. It is easy to clean it after the process as all parts are dishwasher safe.

There are a lot of different attachments, including:

 1 X generous 3.0L bowl

  1 x 1.5 L Liquidizer

  1 x Dough tool

  1 x Mill

  1 x Stainless steel coarse slicing/shredding disc

  1 x Stainless steel fine slicing/shredding disc

  1x Julienne disk

  1x Stainless steel chopping blade

  1 x Mini bowl

  1 x Metal twin geared whisk

  1x Maxi blend canopy

  1 x Storage unit

  1x Spatula

  1 x Recipe book

So now I am armed for any kitchen task. The storage unit saves the space and allows to keep all attachments in one place easy to find. The receipt book is wonderful. I feel myself as master-chef. I have used the machine for slicing, chopping, shredding, liquidizing, and mixing heavy cakes, and I have found it superb for every task. The manufacturer gives only 1 year warranty, but I have no problems with it for 3 years.

But there are some contras and I must mention them here.

The unit has no meat chopper. The one chopper blade it has is for fruits and vegetables. There isn`t a splash guard, so some times I must spare time for cleaning the counter. The bowl and its parts are plastic but this is a budget model, so if you can buy more expensive one with a glass bowls-go ahead.

Warning: you must be sure that the bowl is turned completely to the right until it makes a hard ‘click’ when locking into place. The same is true of the bowl lid; you must turn it to ‘lock’ position and again hear the loud click, or the machine will not start.


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