Kenwood Food Processors Reviews


If you have separate mixer, juicer, grinder, shaker and anything else, and if you often use all of them, sooner or later you`ll make up your mind to buy one trustworthy unit – a food processor.

Every self-respected producer of the kitchen machinery can not avoid  producing food processors of different kinds. They set a solid place in our kitchen and help us more effectively than husbands (I don`t mean your one, may be he is a chef and you don`t know where the kitchen is).

This is the attempt to analyze Kenwood food processors. KENWOOD is a trademark that associated with durable and practical kitchen appliances. A particularly important point in the history of the trademark was London exhibition  in March 1950, where the company exhibited the result of three years work – the prototype of the modern food processor. Food processors of this brand will allow you to:

– Knead the dough;

– Chop and cut products;

– Chop ice;

– Make stuffing or mashed potatoes;

– Prepare a cocktail and so on.

This processor is able to help in almost all kitchen chores.

Let us note some of the parameters that will determine your future purchase. The price and power of the devices, modes of operation, availability and quality of nozzles for juicer, blender, grinder. Availability of box to store accessories and cookbook and so on. The dimensions and weight of the model are also very important if your kitchen is not spacious.

So we found out five most popular Kenwood models according to Amazon. The shown prices may differ in you market. You can see all main features in a table below.

Kenwood FP731 Multi Pro is a budget proposal from Kenwood. This processor would never be one of those things that just stayed in the cupboard unused.

White plastic body has never spoiled the interior of any kitchen. The Dual Drive system allows you to save up to 30% of the kitchen space. And it really has all necessities to make you feel comfortable in your kitchen. It is equipped with stainless steel chopping blade, thick slice/ shred disc, fine slice/ shred disc,  Julienne disc, dough tool, metal twin geared whisk, multi-mill and maxi blend canopy.  Storage is easy with an attached carousel. Everyday meal for your family can be prepared easily and you can diversify your menu. If you usually bake the cakes on Sundays, dough tool and metal twin geared whisk will be very useful.

Kenwood FP736 Multi Pro is ideal for a variety of mixing, chopping, slicing and shredding processes. Its price and power will save your money for electricity bills. The amount of attachments is standard: stainless steel chopping blade, thick slice/ shred disc, fine slice/ shred disc, Julienne disc, dough tool, metal twin geared whisk and even little more as you have a mill and maxi blend canopy. All these treasures you can store in added carousel. I hope you will use them all to demonstrate your mother-in-law why her son prefers dinner at home.

Kenwood FP920 3 Litre Multi Pro will decorate your kitchen and impress your visitors. It will impress you as well because of its wide functions and comfortable usage. It is armed with all necessary attachments: a twin-geared metal whisk as well as two different shredding and slicing discs, plus an extra one for Julienne slices and a rasping disc for grating Parmesan. You can save your time and force just turning it on. Delicious chops, pastry, cakes and other dishes will prepare themselves with your little aid. Read the food instructions and go ahead!

Kenwood FP950 Multi Pro Libra will suit to even a very pernickety housewife.

Its power is enough to provide all announced functions. Discs and knives are made of stainless steel. It has regulated regimes and impulse to optimize the process. Weighting function helps to save preparing and washing time because you needn`t to change bowls and wash them. The weighing scales are handy as you can zero it and add further ingredients to the bowl or you can put the weigh plate on and just use the scales. The book of receipts will help you at the beginning. Than you can use your fantasy and WEB.

Kenwood FP980 Multi Pro Excel has a lot of advantages. It is powerful and you can choose a speed you need just for this product. Extra large feed tube reduces prep work. Multiple bowl system allows you to process as much food as you need to. You also have liquidizer and glass mill in addition to five different blades for any purpose you can imagine.

But you have to think twice before buying it if your kitchen is small. You will need a lot of space for the accessories! The design of the bowls leaves much to be desired as the biggest bowl is the only one with the locking system. So you have to use the smaller bowls within the big one every time. You have to wash both bowls even if the big one is used as a base because it is almost unavoidable to splash some part of the mixture into the big bowl.


Kenwood is a reliable name and food processors prove it obviously. It doesn`t depend on the price of the unit. We all understand that more powerful motor is more expensive but it is your choice to buy or not to buy. And you must decide if you really need all the attachments on your kitchen. You have a wide range so buy it and enjoy your meal.


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