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Perhaps, Kenmore is more popular with their freestanding ranges, wall ovens and cooktops than they are with Kenmore gas grills.

However, if you are looking to get one of the Kenmore grills for barbecue, you can find the Kenmore LP gas grill sold mainly in 4, 3, and sometimes 2 burners; or the light weight countertop style for indoor grilling.

One of the more notable features is that most Kenmore freestanding units have wheels – either 4 wheels or two wheels with two fixed feet designs. This design would be perfect for someone who needs a portable or mobile full-size propane gas grilling unit, like in restaurants, open-site bars or outdoor kiosks serving barbecue grills during ceremony, public holidays or sporting events of the kind.

Kenmore Grills Overview


The most popular options are Kenmore 4-Burner gas grills. Most come equipped with Halogen lights for full-evening or night outdoor grilling, for occasions such as when you happen to have a big party like family Christmas gatherings. They can be bought in Black, Forest Green, Blue, dark brown-Red, Vanilla, Copper or Stainless Steel finishes. These Kenmore LP grills have an average price tag of under $550.

Some of the cheap Kenmore Elite gas grill series are being made in China, and often come very light weight to reduce the shipping cost. These units obviously aren’t constructed of the best materials you could expect, but nonetheless give you the very good bargain prices, with some costing less than $250.

The cheap, low end Sears Kenmore gas grills are now being manufactured by Char-broil. Though some of the models come relatively inexpensive, the reduction in cost were made possible in exchange for some suffering in quality, such as coating the body with paints, instead of using stainless steel finish. This will increase the heat of the cover when cooked for long continuous hours and can be quite dangerous if you have kids around the house. Prone to rusting and short life span when exposed to outdoor weather change – are just few other drawbacks and problems you might take into consideration when ordering one of these.

Kenmore Island Module

Another great product line up from Kenmore cooking appliances is the Kenmore Elite Island Base Unit Grill, which is solidly made of heavy duty stainless steel and hold a lot of features and functionality for its conservative price of around $1000.


It posses 3 amazingly powerful stainless tube burners which can reach up to 61,500 of BTU, with extra 13,500 BTU of Searzzler™ infrared side burner and another 12,000 BTU back infrared rotisserie!

This great island unit (part of ‘Kenmore Elite Build Your Own Island program’) come with completely sealed lid cover for low and slow cooking technique. It even has high quality Therma Core™ stainless grids and gives you amp of space for bbq of any size with its combined cooking surface reaching 875 sq. inches. You can also have the option of buying the griddle module on top of the basic kitchen needs it provides.

These Kenmore grills’ side modular islands and the countertop surface are built with beautiful stone panels, which will easily blend into any patio or backyard layout. Just make sure you check upon purchasing online that the stones are of the color of your choice, because consumers have reported that different local Sears stores had varied shades of gray instead of the natural warm brown-rock color most people expect.

Lastly, before you buy a Kenmore gas grill, make sure to get these Kenmore grill parts as well for a complete package (you might as well get a special deal, discount or even ask them for free with new propane gas rill purchase): Kenmore Temp Meter, Kenmore Topper and Kenmore Deluxe Grip grill cleaner with plastic handle.

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