Kalorik Air Fryer Reviews


Kalorik Airfryer Review

Fried food is possibly one of the most common guilty pleasures in any household. Easy to cook and sinfully pleasurable to the palate, fried foods can be very difficult to wean your family off of. Plus, they’re a lot faster to prepare, which is why many household cooks choose to fry over any other cooking method available.

Unfortunately, there are downsides to cooking. The first is that it can be dangerous to your health, causing a number of different heart related diseases. Secondly, it’s one of the main causes of weight gain, which is why lots of kids these days are considered overweight or obese.

If you’re the designated household cook, you might find yourself at a crossroads wondering whether you should give up frying food for something healthier. But the fact that the process is easy and hassle free means you may have to trade it off for something that takes more time and effort. So what choice does that leave you?

For those who want the best of both worlds, investing in a top quality airfryer should do the trick. Offering the same fried food results minus the health risks, airfryers can make the process of cooking much faster and easier. Now the only question is – which airfyrer should you choose?

The Kalorik Airfryer is often considered a top choice in the market, but does it really live up to your high standards and expectations? Read on to find out.

At a Glance

The Kalorik Aifryer almost looks like a small kitchen robot with its dual-knob interface and small glass door on the front panel of the device. Upon closer inspection however, the device seems pretty easy to understand and use.

The knobs indicate time and temperature which are the only two settings you really need when using an airfryer. The body of the appliance features a solid, shiny black finish that makes it look sleek and simple, allowing you to keep it on your kitchen counter without messing up your aesthetic and style.

Convenient Controls and Operation

Some high-tech airfryers come with a variety of buttons and other controls that make them difficult to understand, but the Kalorik makes it simple with just two main knobs that you turn to achieve your desired cooking conditions.

On either side of the knobs are time and temperature indications for cooking certain types of food like poultry, fish, and vegetables. This eliminates a lot of the guesswork that comes with adjusting the knobs, and makes it easier for you to cook food to perfection without having to experiment with the settings.

Easy Viewing Window

The problem with a lot of airfryers is that they don’t offer the ability for you to be able to see through the device to determine how well your food has been cooked. With the Kalorik Airfyer however, that all changes.

A small yet reliable viewing window sits at the front of the device, making it possible for you to check on your food without disrupting the cooking process by constantly having to open the cooking basket. This means you get full control of your outcomes, giving you a much better idea of whether or not it’s time to crank up the heat or stop the process all together.

Large Capacity for Bulk Meals

It can be hard to cook for a whole family because lots of cookware can’t accommodate a family load. But the Kalorik Airfryer boasts a 4.2 quart capacity, big enough to fry food for medium to large sized families. Enjoy cooking big meals for big appetites by simply loading this airfyer to full capacity and leaving it to prepare your food the healthy way without the need for cooking in batches.

Evenly Cooked Food Everytime

The Kalorik Airfryer features a strong hot air convection system that evenly cooks food all around minus the oil. This promises to fry your food all over to perfection without the need for you to open the basket and flip food over.

Pros of the Kalorik Airfyer

  • Simple controls make it easy to understand and use. Just turn the knobs and wait for the timer to countdown. The appliance automatically shuts off to keep your food perfect and your kitchen safe.
  • Viewing window is a great addition, allowing you to check your food’s status without having to keep opening the food basket.
  • Powerful hot air convection promises to cook your food evenly without the need to keep flipping them over during the process.
  • Large 4.2 quart capacity allows you to cook food in bulk so you can prepare food for your entire family in one go.

Cons of the Kalorik Airfryer

  • Does not come with a user manual which can be a hassle for some buyers.
  • Some users find that they still need to use a small amount of oil to cook food the way they want it.

The Verdict

The Bella Airfyer is definitely a notch above the rest. Despite not having some items included like a recipe book or a manual, the device does get the job done the way that it says it does. If you’re looking for a reliable appliance that you can use on the daily for healthier fried foods, then this one can be a great choice.


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