This compact and lightweight multipurpose steam cleaner performs effective cleaning with it’s capability to adjust steam flow for essential cleaning need. As with other steam cleaner, it uses the power of the steam to perfectly clean floors and other hard surfaces while disinfecting them giving you a hygienically clean home environment. The Kacher steam cleaner removes tough grease from ovens, hobs, fan extractor and all hard flooring without the need to use cleaning solutions or detergent. It is also great for removing limescale and moulds fro m tiles and taps.

This multi purpose steam cleaner comes with other accessory tools for better and more effective cleaning. The lamellae floor tool can be used to clean large areas quickly and effectively even without using cleaning solution or chemicals. This makes it ideal for people who suffer allergies with chemicals.


  1. QUICK HEAT UP—this steam cleaner heats up quickly you won’t need to wait for a long time waiting it to heat up
  2. EASY TO OPERATE—this machine is very simple and easy to operate. You can just pull the trigger to power it up, and then release it when you don’t use the steam.
  3. ADJUSTABLE STEAM CONTROL—The adjustable steam control allows you to choose the capacity of steam you need for your cleaning need
  4. COMPACT AND LIGHTWEIGHT—It is very light in weight and it has a built-in storage; you can store all the accessories on board the unit giving you the convenience for storage while saving up space
  5. CHILDPROOF SAFETY LOCK—the safety lock prevent accidental release of the steam; making it ideal for a family home with children.

At full pressure the safety valve turns the broiler spin automatically to prevent burning. When the pressure returns to normal, you can then release the lock and empty the remaining water.

  • Accessory tools include;
  • Lamellae Floor Tool

The optimized tool clamps the cleaning tool tightly giving large areas a thorough clean up

  • Hand Tool

This handy tool allows you to take away grease and grime more effectively

  • Detailed Nozzle With Round Brush

This tool is designed for cleaning areas that are difficult to reach such as gaps and between furniture. It is great for use in the kitchen and bathroom

  • Descaling Sticks

It provides a fast and efficient way to descale your Karcher steam cleaner. It cleans easily and gently

  • Large and Small Cloth

The large cloth is for the floor while the small cloth is for the hand tool. They are made from high grade cotton.



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