Jet Saws


Power tool manufacturer Jet offers a sizable lineup of affordable tools for shops of every size. The 10″ benchtop table saw by Jet is an affordable entry level saw for growing shops or for amateur projects. The 10″ Jet table saw has a 15 amp motor and a 3 in. cutting depth, as well as a spacious table for your work. The entry level Jet table saw also comes with handy extendable wings on both sides of the bench.


In the higher end realm, Jet offers their 10″ ProShop table saw with a 1-3/4 HP motor and 30″ fence system. The table itself is heavy duty cast iron, providing a sizable flat work surface with an increased cross cut capacity. The ProShop table’s construction is sturdy, with powder coated paint to ensure that the finish does not chip and wear with use. The ProShop is billed to last at least a decade, and combines power with mobility and affordability.

Jet also has a considerable line of band saws, like the JWBS-16B, a 16″ model that comes with a 1.5 HP motor. The bandsaw also comes with 8-spoke band wheels that provide for stabilized cutting and prevent any kind of vibration. The JWBS-16B also has a triangular design that provides for the best possible stability, and a large 17″ X 17″ table to support work pieces. The cast iron hand wheels make adjusting the blade an effortless task.

Although Jet does not have the large selection of a supplier such as Grizzly, they do offer quality tools for both the home renovator and the large scale or contracting professional. Tools such as the JWBS-16B offer a good value for their solid construction and high quality performance, making Jet a vendor that you should definitely consider for your power tool needs.


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