Jellyfish Wind Turbine


A man by the name of Chad Magiaque invented the jellyfish wind turbine. Wind turbines have been increasing in popularity as a sustainable alternative form of energy. While large turbines are used as a backup source of energy for many large communities and businesses, they are just not practical for the average individuals budget. Mr. Magiaque had a vision to change that.

The jellyfish wind turbine was entered into Googles Project 10 to the 100th contest and has gained a lot of popularity since. It is virtually a residential wind generator that only stands a few feet high so that it can be easily implemented into any house or building.

In fact, this device could not be simpler to use. The jellyfish wind turbine was designed to be easily plugged into an outlet, generating electricity that can either be used immediately or fed back to the grid. It does not even require a converter, which has been the problem with previous small turbines that have been invented.

While this unique turbine is not designed to power a whole house, it represents a little bit that is feasible for the average individual. It also spins on a low speed, thus cutting down on operation noises and making it even more desirable.

This small scale sustainable turbine is proof that the average entrepreneur with inspiration can come up with innovative creations that are relevant for our world and successful. Chad Magiaque desires to change the world with his turbine, bringing alternative energy forms down to a reachable scale for the average consumer. His dream is that one day, he will be able to drive to the local retailer and choose a small turbine off the shelf for his own personal use. And with the success of his jellyfish design, he may just see these dreams realized.

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