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Electromechanical sewing machines are cheap and easy to use. They are driven by an electric drive, but the basic operations are performed mechanically. With the help of mechanical switches and controls, located on the machine, one can change the stitch length, stitch width, strength, thread tension and presser foot pressure on the fabric. Such models perform about 10-20 operations, including decorative stitches and special lines for knitwear.

Electromechanical sewing machines are the most simple, but comfortable, allowing to learn sewing without hassle.

JANOME Japanese company producing sewing machines exports its sewing machines in more than 100 countries and is proud to be a factory number 1 in the world (excluding cast metal lockstitch sewing machines, which are inexpensive and are available mainly in India and China for the domestic market).

JANOME Japanese company was founded on October 16, 1921. The headquarter is in Tokyo. Sewing machines are manufactured in Japan, Taiwan and Thailand. JANOME has more than 250 of its own retail stores and has the largest market share of household sewing machines in Japan.

Why JANOME sewing machines are so popular in the world?

Taiwan`s plant has the best achievements in the production of sewing machines. The production of the plant corresponds the quality standards – ISO 9002. This ultra-modern plant produces about one million sewing machines annually! It is the largest factory in the world for the production of sewing machines, its production exceeds the total production of such industry giants as Singer and Zeng Hsing.

JANOME has its own production of high-quality parts for sewing machines. It should be noted that many well-known manufacturers are equipped with the  JANOME sewing machines accessories.

JANOME is the first company which started the production of computerized sewing machine in 1979, and the embroidery sewing machine was launched in 1990. Currently Janome produces the largest number of computerized sewing machines in Japan and Taiwan. Many well-known European companies manufacture the sewing machines under their own brands in Janome factories. They are PFAFF with its the most popular series Hobby, and Qulle with Privilege series, and Elna (Switzerland).

With years of experience and modern production base, JANOME is the rightful leader among manufacturers of sewing machines. Sewing machines JANOME become a trusted aide to anyone who loves to sew!

It remains to add that today the company produces about 280 JANOME sewing machine models from mini sewing machines to industrial models.

With a full range of models and unblemished reputation for high quality household sewing machines, Janome sewing equipment brand is one of the most popular in the world. Excellent quality lines, simplicity and ease of management are the keys to success. You will easily pick up the necessary sewing machine In a wide variety of models. The lineup begins with inexpensive sewing machines with a minimum of sewing operations. Cheap, practical and easy to manage, these sewing machines will help in the repair and uncomplicated tailoring.

There is the greatest number of models in the middle class segment. These machines can perform 15-20 sewing operations, garment buttonhole loop in automatic mode and are often equipped with the needle threader, width and length stitch control and luxury amenities.

Janome 2032 sewing machine is so easy to set up and understand that it takes a few minutes. It has more than enough settings to sew to a good level of complexity. It can make 14 stitches. Legendary sewing machine “Singer” did just a straight stitch. Later, there were models in which the needle could scribble left and right, making a zigzag stitch and other complex. The diagrams on the front show you all of them. Besides, the unit is equipped with 4-step button hole, convertible free arm, built in light, spare needles, bobbins and manual instruction book. It also can perform twin needle sewing. The stitch length is also built in. It is lightweight and you can easily carry it using the built in handle. There are 2 year warranty.

Janome J3-18 Sewing Machine is one of thenew lightweight Janome Sewing Machines with a front loading bobbin case, gear driven, all metal sewing mechanism and a convertible free arm for circular sewing. It has 18 stitch options. The J3-18 has an auto 4 step buttonhole facility. It is also fitted with an auto needle threader. This unit is nice for a beginner and comparatively good for free hand embroidery.                                                                          Features:18 stitch selections; universal and no-fuss thread tension; 4 step button hole; variable stitch length; twin needle facility; built-in needle threader; drop feed for freehand work; extra presser foot lift for heavy fabrics. Extra conveniences are built-in carry handle, built-in accessory compartment and soft dust cover.

Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine is elder brother of J3-18. It is easy to set up, the instructions for threading are simple, and it is quite self explanatory for the rest of the instructions. It is equipped with all mentioned features but also has 24 stitch selections. It’s very simple: all seams, that machine can perform, are printed on the front panel. Turning the wheel you choose seam and install the necessary adjustments (stitch length and width , thread tension) and sew.

It also has a fully automatic one step button hole and stitch width and length regulators. It has hard cover for easy storage.

Janome 2200XT Sewing Machine. For a bargain basement this one is packed full of features. There are 22 stiches with maximum stitch width 4mm and maximum stitch length 5mm. It also comes with a 4-step button hole, foot control, snap-on feet, soft cover for easy storage.

Standard accessories include: foot control 6 Snap-On Feet (standard foot, hemming foot, overcasting foot, satin stitch foot, sliding buttonhole foot, zipper foot); 4  bobbins; set of needles; hem guide; seam ripper; oil; 2 screwdrivers.

You can dive into creative overdrive making everything from washing bags to summer dresses all with lots of great detail made possible by the variety of stitch functions built into this machine.

Janome 525S Sewing Machine is seemed to do everything you required. The machine features 24 stitches. One step buttonhole is fully automatic and it has a built in needle threader. It offers both stitch width and length adjustment and a drop feed facility for freehand embroidery and darning. The main point is the overlock effect stitch without having a special machine. This option saves you a lot of time as you need not to do a second seam. The 525S also has an auto-declutch bobbin winder and is supplied with a hard cover for convenient storage.

Choosing a model, just specify your preference.

When choosing an electromechanical machine, please, pay primarily attention to its functionality, but do not deny yourself the pleasure to focus on design, because you should like it.

All the tips you’ll find on the panel, the instruction is needed only in difficult cases.

If you need a machine to sew simple clothing patterns, and for minor repairing, then do not buy a cutting-edge model, having weird programs that you are not going to use. You`d better pay attention to the quality of the loop, you need it smooth and neat. Generally, models with a minimal set of lines do not have a one step button hole, semi-automatic only. Automatic option is available in models, which provides a dozen of other programs. Sure, they significantly increases the price of the sewing machine. But you can find the best option, with 18 lines, which also has an automatic loop. The number of rows in the current types of sewing machines is not particularly limited. Modern machines are separated by the principle of building stitch.

In order to have your sewing machine for the home has served you for a long time , it is necessary to take care of it, regularly lubricate, dust and cherish.

All these machines have 2 year warranty.


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