Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine


Choosing a model, just specify your preference. With a full range of models and unblemished reputation for high quality household sewing machines, Janome sewing equipment brand is one of the most popular in the world. Excellent quality lines, simplicity and ease of management are the keys to success. You will easily pick up the necessary sewing machine in a wide variety of models. Janome is the first sewing machine development company to introduce a sewing machine that was small and quiet to sew at speeds of 1600 S.P.M (stitches per minute), twice the speed of traditional sewing machines that preceded this advancement.

The three Janome factories and all of its products are certified according to the Quality Standard ISO 9002 as well as the Environmental Standard ISO 14001. This way you know you are getting a truly superb product while not purchasing products that are not produced in a safe way for the environment.

If you need a machine to sew simple clothing patterns, and for minor repairing, then do not buy a cutting-edge model, having weird programs that you are not going to use. You`d better pay attention to the quality of the buttonhole, you need it smooth and neat. Generally, models with a minimal set of lines do not have a one step buttonhole, they have semi-automatic only. Automatic option is available in models, which provides a dozen of other programs. Sure, they significantly increases the price of the sewing machine. But you can find the best option, with 18 lines, which also has an automatic 1 step buttonhole. The number of rows in the current types of sewing machines is not particularly limited.

Janome J3-24 Sewing Machine is one of thenew lightweight Janome Sewing Machines with a front loading bobbin case, gear driven, all metal sewing mechanism and a convertible free arm for circular sewing. It has been backed by a top name since 2004. It has 24 stitch options (16 utility and 8 decorative stitches). It is easy to set up, the instructions for threading are simple, and it is quite self explanatory for the rest of the instructions. The J3-24 has an auto 1 step buttonhole facility. It is also fitted with an auto needle threader. This unit is nice for a beginner and comparatively good for free hand embroidery. It’s very simple: all seams, that machine can perform, are printed on the front panel. Turning the wheel you choose seam and install the necessary adjustments (stitch length and width , thread tension) and sew.

It also has a fully automatic one step button hole and stitch width and length regulators. It has hard cover for easy storage.                                               Another Janome J3-24 features: easy quick foot conversion; optional drop feed for embroidery by hand; easy free arm adjustment for circular sewing; convenient one-hand thread cutter; work storage compartment; solid protective cover; stock foot; automatic buttonhole foot; zipper foot; hemmer foot 2mm; blind hem foot; satin stitch foot; Phillips head screwdriver; needle set; seam ripper; bobbins.

Pros. This sewing machine is lightweight and the reviewers are raving about its ease of use and simple instructions. It is great value for money as well.

Cons. There were no complaints about the Janome J3-24.


The Janome J3-24 sewing machine is a good indication of the quality of the sewing machine, so if you are thinking about making a purchase you can make it with confidence. In order to have your sewing machine for the home has served you for a long time, it is necessary to take care of it, regularly lubricate, dust and cherish.


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