Janome 525S Sewing Machine


Some of us are looking for the most affordable sewing machine while others may want to choose a brand name. Definitely, a great machine would be the one with specific features or specific number of features. If you are thinking of purchasing a sewing machine we can help you in making your decision.

What will you use the machine for? Will you use the machine to fulfil the complex tasks or just for simple everyday tasks? 

A basic electronic model is enough for a beginner or an occasional user. A computerized sewing machine which has more functions will be chosen by more experienced user.

If you take the time out to make a research it will save you time and money. 

The planned type of sewing should be considered before buying. To find one to suit your specific needs you must know what special features will enable you.

The back problems make it impossible for you to use a foot pedal, but there are models that can be used without one. If your often used buttons, then find a unit that sews button holes automatically.

If your pocket cannot afford an expensive sewing machine, regardless of how appealing it may seem, it’s better to stay within your budget.

Your experience has led you to believe that Janome with approximately 90 years in the business of producing quality products is the company that has designed the greatest items.

Janome sewing machines are currently some of the best and most innovative sewing machines on the market. They are also one of the largest manufacturer and supplier of domestic sewing machines in the world. The three Janome factories and all of its products are certified according to the Quality Standard ISO 9002 as well as the Environmental Standard ISO 14001. Now you know you are getting a truly superb, a safe way for the environment, product.

Janome 525S Sewing Machine is seemed to do everything you required. The machine features 24 stitches. One step buttonhole is fully automatic and it has a built in needle threader. It offers both stitch width and length adjustment and a drop feed facility for freehand embroidery and darning. The main point is the overlock effect stitch without having a special machine. This option saves you a lot of time as you need not to do a second seam. The 525S also has an auto-declutch bobbin winder and is supplied with a hard cover for convenient storage.

Specifications: Stitch length, zigzag width control, additional presser foot lift, Upper thread tension dial, pressure regulating tabs, horizontal shuttle, drop feed, built-in needle threader, quick change of foot, detachable tubular platform, working with different kinds of fabrics, stitch length to 4mm, zigzag width to 5mm, presser foot lift up to 11mm. The machine weights 9,6 kg.              Standard accessories. There are 7 feet in the set. There are also quilting guide, set of needles, screwdriver, lint brush, bobbins (4), seam ripper, large & small spool caps, spare spool pin. Optimal set of operations allows you to create products of any complexity. Ability to control the foot pressure on the fabric makes work with even the most complex and capricious materials easier. 1 step buttonhole operation will accurately and quickly deal with any number of holes in your article. Modern horizontal rotary hook facilitate care for your machine. The machine works with different types of fabrics. Built-in needle threader simplify and accelerate the process of threading the needle. With control stitch length and width you manage more to diversify their work.

The unit also comes with 3 year warranty.


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