Issues With The Sportcraft Treadmill


If you are looking at buying a Sportcraft treadmill then you need to take the following into consideration before your purchase. Many people, including the Treadmill Doctor will tell you to simply stay away from that brand until they are proven otherwise.

The reason why people are so worried about this brand of treadmill is due to the fact that they have had three (yes, 3) Sportscraft Treadmill recalls in the last several years. For many people, that alone is a enough to discourage any further investigation into the brand and move on to another brand, such as Healthrider (made by Icon).

The problems with Sportcraft treadmills arise from what the company is trying to accomplish—they want to provide ultra-cheap treadmills to the mass market. The problem is that they haven’t figured out how to do that yet and their quality control has been severely lacking. Three recalls within the last decade tells you that, and the recalls were not minor. One of the recalls was because the machine had a problem accelerating to full speed when it shouldn’t. This was in 2005, and in 2006 they had to issue another recall.

Of course, there is always the other side of the argument that you may want to consider. Mainly, you have to wonder if a company like Sportcraft can learn from it’s mistakes and finally produce some good quality, less-expensive machines. Maybe they can and it’s worth the $250-$300 gamble on them now, just be prepared to not have the machine last that long (so maybe buy an extended warranty for the Sportcraft exercise treadmill machine).


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