Is Total Curve as Good as They say


Natural is beautiful, so they say, but most if not all of us women at some point in time have thought of enhancing a part of our body that causes us quite a discomfort in our own skin. Our breast size for example is an indication that we’re not created equal. It can either cause many of us psychological angst or total confidence. If only it’s something we can put make up on and then, voila, transformation done, we’re now a D cup from a deflated A cup! While the world of cosmetics has nothing like that yet, you may have probably heard about Total Curve already and that’s why you’re reading this. Like you, I wondered if this could be an alternative for women who don’t see surgery as an option. So I’m sharing my in-depth research about this product to help you know whether or not it’s a bummer.

What is Total Curve?

Total Curve is a product from Leading Edge Health, a company created by medical professionals and has been providing various products from anti-aging, skincare, to sexual health products since 1999. Total curve is a breast enhancement therapy program that employs a double-action formula to aid in reshaping and toning your breasts. Apparently, without the need for surgery, this natural alternative will help you get your desired look and size by a daily intake of natural supplement and application of topical gel.

Two-way System

  • Daily Supplement

You are required to take a couple of capsules per day, one capsule with breakfast and another with dinner. The capsule contains a mixture of herbals, nutrients, antioxidants, and hormone balancers that not only foster breast health in general but also reduce symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, menopause, vaginal dryness, and diminished sex drive among others. This natural supplement has Buckwheat leaves. This plant contains an antioxidant called rutin and abioflavonids. Rutin is known to boost the capillaries and improve circulation while the latter supports collagen production which are both constructive for enhancing size and shape of breasts. It also has Fennel Seed which ontains potent but safe phytoestrogens that are instrumental to growth of breast tissue. Other significant ingredients include dong quai root, known to be responsible for promoting the progesterone; damiana leaf, blessed thisle, hops, watercress leaves, blood cohosh root, and wild yam root which are all highly beneficial in the production of breast tissue, and breast enlargement.

  • Lifting and firming Gel

You are also required to massage a thin layer of lifting and firming gel to your breasts twice a day. This routine is recommended in the morning and evening. The prime ingredient of this gel is Volufiline which contains sarsasapogenin that stimulate the fat cells to grow in the breast tissues. It is also formulated with natural extracts and properties from aloe vera, bearberry, algae, mango, Vitamin C, and caffeine to help strengthen collagen, even skin tone, and moisturize the skin.

Total Curve is recommending users to perform the therapy for at least 90 days to witness full results. However, they assert that you can start seeing results within 60 days of consistent use.


The prime advantage of this product is its natural method. You no longer have to go for costly not to mention risky surgical implants. There are no known side effects as all natural ingredients are used according to safety standards although it is still best to speak to your doctor if you are currently taking medication of any kind. This therapy also saves you the embarrassment of suddenly having an augmented pair of breasts. The increase in volume and firmness is not an instant effect but an outcome that you will notice approximately 28 days after commencing the system and will continue to happen for as long as you continue using it. The company is not claiming any magic or immediate dramatic results that you can get via surgical procedure. In addition, they guarantee that if you’re not happy with the result you can get your money back.


This system is not for everybody. Genetics play a huge role in your breast size. If you’re flat-chested, you can’t expect a striking increase of size especially since this therapy only aims to correct or enhance what you already have.


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