Is the Yamaha EF2000iS Best Portable Generator?


I have always searched for a generator that was reliable due to my love for travelling and camping etc. A generator would help you keep your basic appliances working. But some of the parameters of my search are the design, dimensions and portability of the gizmo. This is because the space in my RV is not unlimited. Therefore I required a generator which is powerful yet less space consuming. 

It was then when I came about a device known as the Yamaha EF 2000iS inverter providing safe current for electronic devices. The value of the current is not very large at 1600 watts continuous having a peak voltage of 2000 watts. If you need more power, you can also combine two of these inverters. Users are confident that the EF2000iS has emissions under control and is very to start and use.

The end of my search was when I came across Yamaha EF2000iS generator that was a perfect fit for my situation. In addition to all that, it also makes very less noise. You can actually sleep while it is in operation. It also comes with many option for fuel economy which is a great add one given the rise in gas prices of the present times. Let us review some of the features of the machine.


  1. Compact and quiet
  2. Has a fuel gauge
  3. Fuel efficiency
  4. Its inverter technology is safe for electronics
  5. Daisy-chaining can be done


  1. Screws on engine cover are small
  2. Power supply is less

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Some tips for potential buyers

Buy a fuel stabilizer. This is not a necessity but it surely helps by stabilizing stagnant fuel sitting around during the cold winter days or generally sitting for long durations of time when the generator is off. One such stabilizer is stabil which can be bought on Amazon.

You should not let your generator sit around for long periods of time without being used. Personally, I run it for around 10 minutes every month. This way, it will never backstab you by not starting when you need it very badly.

You should tie them while travelling because it is not very tough for them to be tipped over. And if they tip over, you will see white smoke due to the burning oil the next time you start it. Ratchet tie downs should do the job instead of bungee cords.

You have to realize there are limitations to generators with a capacity of about 2000 watts. They cannot power everything for very long periods of time unlike some vague comments by people claiming their 2000 watts machines powered everything they needed. What needs to be done is a power audit for your particular requirements. It depends on the purpose of the system and the devices you plan on powering. For example, a 2000 watts generator cannot power an RV having a 15000 A/C. a lot of amps are taken to cycle off heavy electronic appliances such as air conditioners,, microwaves and the like. So, I just bought two such generators instead of just one.

You should purchase a cable lock from keeping your generator from getting away and getting stolen. While it is not a sure method of securing your machine, it sure will deteriorate the plans of a malicious mind.

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  • It is legal in the country
  • Has a standard DC outlet. You can easily charge batteries using the  8 amp 12 V outlets
  • CARB compliant
  • Emission regulations are mets
  • Durability rating of engine emission is excellent
  • You can make use of the Twin Tech capability in case you seriously require a huge power amount. This technology enables you to get a final maximum output of around 3600 watts by enabling you to join together two similar Yamaha generators. 
  • This generator has been announced to have the longest durability rating by the Environmental Protection Agency and the California Air Resources board. 
  • Noise levels are very much under control
  • The reason behind its ability to work so well without producing loud noises comes from its design which incorporates a noise block sound reduction mechanism
  • This generator has a good maximum fuel capacity for its size which equals 1.11 gallons
  • This device comes with a warranty period of two years on purchasing


This is a silent and safe device which has a fantastic design as well. The Yamaha EF2000iS is the perfect go to machine when it come to back up power sources.


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