Is the KitchenAid Blender really a kitchen aid?


KitchenAid KSB560ACS Architect 5 Speed Blender Review

By: L.A. O’Neil

When I was in my early twenties, I
realized that I could eat fantastic food without having to go to a
restaurant. Of course, I already knew that, but I didn’t really put it
to the test until I had to pinch the proverbial penny. I learned
everything I could by recreating recipes that were family favorites, as
well as creating my own. My love for cooking lead me to spearheading a
catering business and an intimate, log cabin restaurant, and it was
during those years that I used many different kitchen appliances –
especially blenders. I still use a blender several times a week and I
can’t do without it!

KitchenAid is a pioneer in the world of small kitchen appliances. One
of the first companies to offer professional tools to the home kitchen,
KitchenAid products are revered by home chefs and they are available in
fashionable colors, styles and sizes.

Enter the KitchenAid KSB560ACS
Architect 5 Speed Blender
. In the ‘60s,
the home blender started to show up on kitchen countertops and now
they’re a must-have small appliance in many homes. The KitchenAid
KSB560ACS Architect 5 Speed Blender leads the charge and it’s a good
purchase for the money. With a little bit of surfing, you can find this
blender for a little under a hundred bucks – retail is around $140 and
sometimes more.

If you’re considering purchasing a blender, there are a few things to
consider. First, is the carafe (sometimes called the ‘container’) made
of glass or plastic? The KitchenAid KSB560ACS Architect 5 Speed Blender
is equipped with a 56 oz. shatterproof polycarbonate carafe with a .9
horsepower motor. It sounds good, but when you compare it to other
blenders like the Waring Pro PBB204 Food and Beverage Blender that has
a 3HP motor, it doesn’t measure up. And, while the carafe is
shatterproof, ‘polycarbonate’ is simply another word for ‘plastic.’ It
is shatterproof, but unlike glass, scratching and staining may dull the
carafe’s finish over time. If you place your blender on your
countertop, it might not retain the out-of-the box sparkle. Keep in
mind that ‘scratch and stain resistant’ doesn’t mean it won’t happen.
That said, the polycarbonate is stronger than glass and much lighter –
that’s a real plus. The 56 oz. carafe is great and you probably won’t
have to blend double batches if you’re cooking for a crowd.

If you deciding which blender to buy, consider reading other

Kitchenaid blender reviews starting at the home page.

Do you really need five speeds? I don’t think so. Blending is blending
and I think a simple low/high blending speed option will work just
fine. But if you’re dead set on having more speeds, the KitchenAid
KSB560ACS Architect 5 Speed Blender will be a good choice, because it
does offer some blending control. Crushing ice is a snap on any speed
with the KitchenAid KSB560ACS Architect 5 Speed Blender, so it will do
double duty as a bar blender. You will blend smoothies or cocktails in

Let’s recap. The KitchenAid KSB560ACS Architect 5 Speed Blender comes
with a one-year warranty, which is good, but when you compare the
three-year warranty available with a Waring Pro PBB204 Food and
Beverage Blender, it comes up short. The .9 horsepower is a
disadvantage and the chance of burning out the motor is much greater.

All in all, the KitchenAid KSB560ACS Architect 5 Speed Blender is a
good choice for moderate use. I always recommend that before you buy,
surf to your
heart’s content and take your time to make your decision. You’ll
probably wind up being glad you did and, with proper care, you’ll have
your blender for a long time!

If you are ready to purchase one, I recommend  Just follow the link below.
may make a difference!

KSB560ACSArchitect 5 Speed Blender
Waring Pro
PBB2Food and Beverage Blender
Vita-MixSuper 5200BlenderOster
12-Speed Blenderwith Glass Jar
12 lbs.Approx. 14
10 lbs., 9
About 11 lbs.
56 oz.
container shatterproof carafe
40 oz. glass
64 oz. and
32 oz.
40 oz.
5 speeds2
12 speeds
15.19 inches16.75 inches20.5 inches15 inches
Crushes iceCrushes
Crushes iceNot for long
horsepower motor
3 horsepower
2 horsepower
450 watts
1 year
3 year
7 year
No warranty

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