Is Protein Powder Helpful in Building Muscle?


Protein is vital to stay healthy whether or not you’re into bodybuilding. However, if you’re trying to become a serious bodybuilder, you should know that protein is very important to building muscle. In fact, protein has become quite popular over the years as the best supplement to take if you’re trying to build muscle. Combining protein with exercise accelerates the process of muscle building. But you actually NEED protein powder to do build muscle?

Consider the Third World countries where the people don’t get enough food, let alone protein. These people are very malnourished and unhealthy. They lack both muscle and body mass. This example proves just how much protein is needed if you want do some serious muscle building. Protein is the main component in muscle building, and combining it with high intensity workouts builds muscle a lot faster. The problem is that you need more protein that most families eat daily.

This is how protein powder supplements help. While you probably don’t NEED them, they CAN make life easier for a serious bodybuilder by being cheaper than eating 6 meals a day; being faster and more convenient; and coming with a few extra things you need for your bodybuilding program.

It’s vital to know exactly how much protein powder to take for muscle building. A lot people take too much of it, which isn’t safe. Besides putting too much acid in your body, a lot of protein powders add in sweeteners, preservatives and colorants. Taking in too many of these things can actually harm you.

You should hold your protein shakes at about 40 percent of your total protein. It’s even better if you can just have a shake with every other meal when following the 6 meal plan. Have a shake before and after you work out. Most experts recommend this as the best time to drink your protein shakes.

Finally, you need to understand that the protein powder can’t take the place of the protein found in food. Fish, eggs, red meat and tofu are major sources of protein and should be a large part of your diet. They also contain nutrients and minerals that will play a huge part in the way they work with your muscles. So, while protein powder can be important to bodybuilding, it should never take the place of meals.

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