Is Learning How to Build an Electric Generator Difficult


Knowing how to build an electric generator is not that difficult. In fact, it has become many a science project for children as early as eighth grade.

These kids are fascinated by these electrical generators, often asking, “How do I make a simple electric generator?”

We’re going to answer their question right now.

Nearly every electric generator has a starter and a rotor. The rotor, a magnet, is placed inside the start and rotates there.

If you really want to answer the question “How do I make a simple electric generator from scratch?” bypass the various kits available out there.

If you have no electric generator kit, here are the first few steps of how to build it. You must have balsa wood and cut two square pieces from it that are 3.5 inches.

In the center of each you are then going to make a hole that is 3/8 inches around. Next cut out four pieces of wood that are one inch wide by 3 7/16 inches long. Your next cut for the electric generator would be from a wood dowel one inch long.

You need to cut a 3/4 inch piece and make a hole in the center of it 3/8 inches in diameter. Into this you place a wood dowel that is six inches long and 3/8 inches wide.

Secure it there with glue and then let it dry. The larger piece of your wood dowel needs a whole now as well. It must be the diameter of the rod magnet you’re using to make your simple electric generator. The magnet is going to go through it.

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