Ionics Water Softener System Review


Do you find that you have crusty build-up in your coffee machine or kettle, or scales blocking your shower head? You might even have soapy build up on your shower door or shower curtains and find that you are suffering from really dry skin. If some, or all, of this rings true for you, then you probably have hard water. Hard water is usually caused by having too much calcium or magnesium ions in the water. You can get rid of hard water by using a softener, such as the ionics water softener system. An ionics water softener will help you to get rid of the ionized impurities in your water and help preserve your kitchen appliances, including the more expensive ones, like your dishwasher and washing machine.

How does an ionics water softener work

The calcium and magnesium ions in the water carry a positive electrical charge. Based on this fact, the ionics water softener system uses resins with a negative electrical charge to attract the calcium and magnesium ions and exchange them for less abrasive sodium minerals.

The sodium minerals have a lower positive electrical charge are ‘softer’ because they do not build up on materials (as scaly deposits) and so are kinder to your appliances. Saving your kitchen appliances is one positive effect of having an ionics water softener, but what about saving your skin?

Ionics water softener for softer skin

Having dry, cracked skin is annoying. And it is even more annoying when you are doing all that you can to get rid of it but it just won’t go. The problem with bathing in hard water is that, a film of soap curd is left on your skin and prevents your skin from returning to its normal, slightly acidic state. The soap that is left on your skin contributes to the drying effect, and when left untreated can then lead to cracking and further irritation.

This is the same for the effects of hard water on your hair. The shampoo is left on your hair and scalp and causes them to become dry. Your hair may then become brittle and breaks very easily, while your scalp may become increasingly irritated and flaky. Frequent conditioning may help with this but the best course of action will be to get your water treated. A system like the ions water softener system will be very helpful in resolving this issue.

Nutritional value of hard water

Some people actually do not mind the negative effects of hard water due to the marginal possible gains. It is claimed that the calcium and magnesium in hard water can count toward the recommended daily intake for these minerals. Of course, this is highly relative because you would have to measure the amount of calcium that is in the water against the amount of water that you drank, and the results will probably be negligible. When you consider that there are other healthier sources of calcium and factor in the damage to your skin, scalp, hair and appliances, the arguments for buying an ionics water softener win hands-down.


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