Iolite Wispr Vaporizer Review


Iolite Wispr Vaporizer Review: The Portable Vape, EyeCandy Iolite Wispr

The Iolite original vaporizer was a favorite among vapers, with its no-nonsense design and operation. But some users thought of improvements to make it better, so iolite developed the Wispr. Offering a new and improved experience from the original Iolite, the Wispr is a whole new unit that new vapers or old timers would want to check out.

The Iolite Wispr Vaporizer’s Artsy Exterior

Iolite WISPRWith its artsy exterior of playful patterns, the Wispr is one vaporizer that would make others turn their heads. The colorful patterns are something that is not present in most best portable vaporizers nowadays.

While most vaporizers have a sleek and minimalistic design, like the Pax Vaporizer, or the simple box design of the Magic Flight Launch Box, the Wispr is something takes the basic look of vaporizers to another level.

With a choice of 6 colors, Espresso, Grape, Oyste, Pistachio, Pumpkin, and Black, it’s impossible not wanting one for yourself.

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 Size and Power

 The Iolite Wispr  2 weighs only 4.5 ounces, making it a pocket vaporizer. The size is also small, with the length at 3.45 inches, the width at 2.75 inches and the thickness at 1.15 inches. The Wispr is big enough to hold medium sized dry blends, but still offers the portability that most vapers want.

Because the unit is not electronically powered, this portable vaporizer is powered by butane. This is the normal fuel used by common lighters, so powering it up is not a problem for most users. The unit has a butane gauge to allow users to easily monitor the fuel levels, which is a great option for most vapers so the butane does not run out in the middle of a session.

Features and Options

 Unlike the DaVinci Vaporizer, the Iolite Wispr has a preset temperature that cannot be adjuster. The unit is optimized to wispr2-grn_5stay at around 210C or 410F. This portable vaporizer heats up dry blends anywhere from 30 seconds to about 2 minutes, depending on the quality of the butane inside.

The Wispr holds the heat by turning itself on and off to maintain the temperature. The average cycle lasts from 30 to 45 seconds, and is indicated by the orange light in the unit.

Because the unit doesn’t use any batteries or power adaptors, the Wispr is fairly easy to use, like that of its predecessor, the original Iolite vaporizer. Removing the rubber mouthpiece reveals the loading chamber and the screen inside.

Simply pack the blend in the loading cartridge, slide it back, and replace the mouthpiece.

The heating pan is at the bottom of the Wispr. Just press the starter button, and it will turn itself on. The unit will begin its heating cycles, until the user switches off the side switch to off. There is no auto-shut off on this one, so don’t forget to slide the switch back to off.

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Manufacturing Build and Quality

The Iolite Wispr, like the Original and all the other Iolite vaporizers, is made in Ireland. The heating element, unlike usual vaporizers, is made out a high quality plastic called Ultem instead of the typical stainless steel.

The Wispr has a flexible, rubber mouthpiece, so it is less likely to break because of snapping. Overall, the unit is quite sturdy, fits just right in the palm of your hand, and can withstand the usual drops and accidents.

Cleaning and Maintaining the Wispr

The Wispr comes with various cleaning tools and other maintenance tools to keep it in perfect shape. The mesh screens inside the loading chamber, as well as in the heating chamber, needs to be cleaned from time to time. They can also be replaced. Additionally, the mouthpiece can be removed, cleaned, and be replaced, too.

Remember to check the level of your unit’s butane gas so you won’t get caught in the middle of a session without any fuel.

Iolite Wispr Portable Vaporizer Warranty

 Just like the original Iolite, the Wispr has a two-year warranty.

 Whats in the Package?

  • The Iolite Wispr Portable Vaporizerwispr2-orn_4
  • Carrying case
  • Maintenance Tool
  • 2x pipe cleaners
  • Filling Chamber
  • 2x mouthpiece tips
  • Fine mesh screen


  • Portable and lightweight
  • Doesn’t need batteries
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors
  • Flexible, rubber mouthpiece
  • No need for charging
  • Runs on normal butane fuel
  • Artsy exterior
  • Quick heating times
  • The mouthpiece can easily be retracted and bended
  • 2-year warranty
  • Comes with a carrying case
  • Smokeless


  • Only for dry blends
  • No control over temperatures
  • The smell of butane may be annoying for some
  • Constantly turns itself on and off to maintain temperature
  • May be expensive than other portable vaporizers
  • Can only be used with dry blends
  • No auto shut off – so beware!

 Use with:

  • Dry blends

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