What to look for when investing in a gas portable generator?

After having decided to invest in a gas portable generator, it would be of immense advantage to you to have an awareness of the various features and types that are available in the market. Good research and planning would ensure that your gas portable generator provides you with a life long service.

The most important thing is to decide on the wattage requirement and intended use. This would aid you in buying a generator of optimum size. Thus, if you are intending to buy a generator primarily for camping requirements, then it should be small and light enough to carry and quiet enough so that it does not disturb the peace and tranquillity of the surroundings. For such usage, a unit capable of producing 1000 watts should be enough.

If you want your gas portable generator to be used as a backup power supply in case of an electricity failure and desire to power televisions, lights and other electricity appliances, then you need to invest in a larger generator. The companies manufacture wide variety gas portable generators covering the entire line from 1KW to about 10KW. The point that is required to be kept in mind is that the increase in wattage would increase the size and weight of the portable generator.

Another important consideration is the ease of usage. Some generators are capable of an electric start whilst others may be a pull start. Be sure you learn the complete operation and handling tips before getting your prized possession home.

Some models incorporate additional features that make the operation of the gas portable generator more safe and agronomical. These include presence of a fuel gauge for indication of the gas level. An important safety feature is automatic shutdown of the machine when the level of gas falls below a certain limit. Availability of a wheel kit makes it easier to move around heavier models. Lastly, if the model is certified by any standards association, it would generally provide you a safe service. Some models have an economy mode setting that saves fuel and reduces noise. Just ensure you buy a model that suits your requirement, as the portable models run at full power and burn fuel at top speed, and buying a bigger model than your requirement would be more expensive.


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