Introduction on Gloves


What is glove?

A layer of second skin that act as a protection or cover to our hand in order to protect against any outside element that would/might create harm toward the skin, finger or even our palm.

The word glove comes from the Middle English word glof;which is related to the Old Norse glofi. [1]

What is the purpose of glove?

Gloves would have initially been created or invented out of a necessity to fulfil a specific function. [2]

With the time revolution, different type of glove had been providing human a more protection toward our skin. It also had been practice in a lot of industries to use glove in their working life as the level of hygiene requirement had been increasing awareness in the society. It is hard to avoid not using glove nowadays in our daily life routine.

How many type of glove is there?

There is a lot of glove in the market, it all depend on the type of glove that user intended to use in. There is a lot of factor to be considered in choosing the right glove to be bought/use.

Glove can be categorized into below group:

  • Medical/Examination glove: There is certain kind of requirement to meet in order for the glove to be classified as medical glove. Different countries had different set of requirement/measurement/test in order to class the glove into medical. Manufacturer would grade the glove for the usage in different field, it is advisable to study the material, process and test the glove in order to get the suitable glove.
  • Industrial glove: This is a lower grade of glove compare to above; it is more use in the field that doesn’t have a high requirement in protection barrier toward blood or infectious agents. Different countries had different definition on this grade depending on the usage.
Glove typeBest forGood forBad for
MedicalMedical usageSurgical usageDental usageetc High protection toward blood transmissionHygiene environment requirement Heavy and irregular usageLong period wearing
IndustrialFood handlingAutomotiveHousehold usageetcas excellent protection of expose the skin toward different elementMedical usageProtection toward blood and bacteria transmission

Apart from different material, glove can be in different in textures:

  1. Finger texture
  2. Palm texture

What is the material contain use to made the glove?

Different type of glove is made out from different type of material. This article is more focus on the disposable glove which consists of latex glove, nitrile glove, vinyl glove and poly glove (PE glove).

MaterialMade out from the natural milky sap from the rubber treeMade out from synthetic tri-polymer which had similar contain to rubberMade out from Polyvinyl chloride  Made out from polyethylene (PE)
Best forDurableHigh level protection when working with fluids body or chemical User that have protein or latex allergy problemEasy to wear User that had latex allergy problemLow risk, non-blood transfusion LightweightGood dexterity
Bad forNot suitable for protein/latex allergy use to use Chemical allergy userEasy to puncture and fracture when stress applyMedical usage and surgical usageHandling chemical

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