Insinkerator Hot Water Dispenser


Insinkerator Delivers More Than Just Instant Hot Water

The Insinkerator hot water dispenser is a great way to add versatility to any home, kitchen, or office where near-boiling water is needed.


These Insinkerator instant hot water faucets can be used for a variety of purposes, including making coffee, tea, and general use such as washing and rinsing.

Unlike many of its competitors who only offer rather bland models, this well-known company offers a huge range of styles to fit any décor, in any home or office.

When it comes to product line, the Insinkerator’s range is one of the best. The company offers a huge variety of styles and models. Some of the more popular lines include:

  1. Insinkerator 2200 series: these items have an antique look to them, but they are manufactured to very high modern standards. There are 12 finishes to choose from and this series comes in Tuscan and Antique models.
  2. Insinkerator 1100 series: is designed with a modern look. It can provide both hot (200 F) and cold water.

Why Buy Insinkerator Instant Hot Water Dispensers?

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In addition to the above faucets, the company offers a wide range of Insinkerator hot water dispenser tank and filtration systems. The Insinkerator filters are easy to change and easy to locate when you need to buy new ones.

As for tanks, the Insinkerator SST-FLTR offers consumers nearly a full gallon of capacity, as well as over thirty percent more 200 F water than the last model in this series. Installation is a snap with its no-tool connectors.

The filtration system that is used in this product line can also lower odor and chlorine levels.

For those looking for small, compact units, the company offers those as well. These are super easy to install, just place them on a counter and plug them in.

Some reasons people choose this company over others include: the systems are easy to install, often needing nothing more than to be plugged in.

Insinkerator units are available as both in-line and as counter-top compact units.

The company offers a huge variety of unique styles, and many of these styles are well within the budget of most homes and offices.


All models of Insinkerator dispensers provide fast delivery, and do so at temperatures that consumers demand.

Insinkerator hot water dispenser parts are easily found through a variety of online vendors.

The instant hot water dispenser units are available in range of prices, including budget models.

In order for any type of hot water dispenser to work properly, the filters have to be changed periodically. Insinkerator hot water dispenser filters are not only versatile but easy to change. Changing them is as easy as pushing in a quick-connect fitting.

For those wanting more protection, the Insinkerator F-601R filter is capable of reducing odor, chlorine, mercury, lead, asbestos, and cysts from water. This part is listed NSF® Standard 53 and 42.

If there is a disadvantage to this product line it is that the cartridges must be changed once every six months to one year, depending on level of use. The F-201R and the F-601R Insinkerator cartridges must be replaced within one year. The one-year limit is the maximum amount of time these cartridges can safely be used in these models.

The Best Insinkerator Dispenser for Home Use


One of the best options for those looking for an Insinkerator instant hot water unit is the Involve HC-View. Its understated design is perfect for most kitchens and decors. It offers owners nearly boiling water at the touch of a finger, but will also deliver cold water as well.

The Insinkerator hot water dispensers storage tank is nearly a full gallon and made of stainless steel. Controls are easy to reach and use, and the model comes in two beautiful finishes: satin nickel and chrome.


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