Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 185 Cross-Training Shoes



Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 185 Cross-Training Shoe is a perfect model for the female members in order to get the secure and comfortable shoes during workout time. Most of the times, the female are using to wear those shoes that are not suitable for their feet. In fact, this causes the feet pain as well as serious injury. As a result, you may not continue gym or workout for a long time because of your feet injury. Therefore, losing weight and keep fit aim will not give you full strength at all without any suitable CrossFit shoe. In this case, you will surely get the perfect pleasure and suitable feet movement wearing this CrossFit shoe. This well designed shoe has come with good color combination of blue and pink.

Perfect Shoe Sole & Material

This CrossFit shoe will always give you the soft sole in order to give comfort feeling to your feet during workout. In this case, you will get the manmade shoe with manmade sole that will always give you a perfect feeling. On the other hand, the rope-Tec reinforcements will give you an extra feature to your feet. Therefore, you can keep the CrossFit shoe as tight as you want in order to get a perfect place in your legs. Moreover, this rope enforcement shoes will always give you a perfect way to run faster than you want.

Proper Heel to Toe Drop

This CrossFit shoe will give 3mm heel to the women in the toe drop so that they can feel better during running or walking. In this case, the middle of the feet will never attach to any type of injury. Some workout shoes do not have the heel to toe drop. As a result, the users face different types of injury problems in the middle of the feet for long time workout or wearing them. For that reason, this CrossFit shoe will give you good heel to toe drop in order to protect your feet from any kind of injury.

F-Lite Grip Outsole

F-Lite grip outsole has added in this CrossFit shoe in order to protect your shoes from any type of injury. On the other hand, this feature has made easy to climb on the rope or hilly place. For that reason, you will not need to wear another shoe for climbing up the rope as well as hilly place. As a result, you will get two in one CrossFit shoe that will always keep awake in order to protect you from any pain as well as give you dual purpose using.

Light Weighted CrossFit Shoe:

This CrossFit shoes are extremely light weighted at just 6.5 oz that is the most suitable feature for the women. Specially, the women are not able to run or walk wearing too much heavy shoes during workout or sports field. For that reason, the female members always need the light weight shoes in order to feel comfortable. As a result, the shoe brand has brought these CrossFit shoes for the women in order to give them light weight shoes to be in the field so long.


  1. Manmade Sole with 3mm Heel
  2. Perfect Light Weight for Women
  3. Outsole for F-Lite Grip
  4. EVA injected in the Midsole

 Inov-8 Women’s F-Lite 185 Cross-Training Shoe is a suitable CrossFit shoe with proper feature for the women. In this case, the male are not able to take taste of wearing this suitable and comfortable CrossFit shoes at all. However, the low drop sole will keep the feet away from any type of injury. On the other hand, the soft sole will always give the women natural feeling for running.


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