Inov-8 F-lite 195 Shoe Reviews


Inov-8 F-lite 195 shoes is a perfect natural shoe that suits to your foot easily and always give you super comfort. In this case, you will get the super level breathability with natural position in the shoe. This CrossFit shoe will always give you super cool features with synthetic leather made shoe for the users. For that reason, you will have good barefoot trainers that will give you a fresh using capability.

Available In Different Colors

The CrossFit shoe is available in different colors with same design for the users in order to give them chance to select any of the suitable color. For that reason, you can choose the natural color shoe from your nearby store and give you natural colors.

The CrossFit shoe is available in black and red color with white color logo. In this case, the full body color of the shoe is black with red rope and lower part design.

Another color of the shoe is blue with light green color as well as white color sole. For that reason, you will have a cool design and outlook with the shoe because of blue body shoe with green color ropes.

If you are a young person, the CrossFit shoe with black and white color will give you the perfect outlook in any training sessions as well as in the running shoe. In fact, the proper white and black color combination will always give you a perfect look because of the two attractive colors.

Excellent Durability with Material

The durability and breathability is incredible because of the synthetic leather with rubber sole for the users. In this case, you can expect to use this CrossFit shoe for a long time with proper care of your foot. Moreover, the excellent durability will give you a proper chance to protect your foot from any type of pain as well as give you a secure workout time.

1 Arrow Shoc-Zone

The CrossFit shoe comes with 1 arrow Shoc-zone technology that will give you good protection and give good running style in the field. For that reason, you will have a good design with the 3mm heel to the users in order to give different running experience in the field.

Air Mesh Upper 3D

The 3D air mesh upper of this CrossFit shoe is fully made keeping comfort for foot in mind. Therefore, the stretchy material with good snug fitting will always ensure comfort to your foot. Moreover, you will surely get some good and excellent feeling while wearing any the shoes in workout time and running in the field.

Thin Rubber Blended

Thin rubber blended with fusion sole will allow your CrossFit shoe give protection and lightweight feature. In this case, you will have no problem with the midsole made of EVA foam in order to give comfort and protection to your foot. Moreover, these features will allow the users to have no problem for long time workout too.


  1. Rubber Sole with Fusion Sole
  2. Thin Rubber Blended with EVA Foam
  3. 3D Air Mesh Upper For Breathability
  4. Natural Comfort with Different Colors

Inov-8 F-lite 195 shoes is available in any store of training and workout shoes store very easily. The price can be varied from $54 to $120 in different cities and countries for the users. However, the features and fitness protection will be same with long time stable platform for any athletics. Specially the midsole with EVA foam will always keep your foot away from any type of misplaced and rise of pain. For that reason, this different colored same designed CrossFit shoe is very much suitable for any fitness and workout person.


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