Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 Shoes


Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 Shoe is one of the most popular CrossFit shoes of the brand in United States. In fact, this is a suitable shoe with different colors that is available in the market from 2003. From the starting of the shoe, the users are getting good service as well as the shoe provides good protection to the foot of users. On the other, different color combinations in a same design CrossFit shoe always charm the users. Therefore, any use can choose any of the color that he or she likes in order to have a good feeling wearing this shoe.

Various Colorful CrossFit Shoe

When you will know that this CrossFit shoe is available in 8 different colors, you will surely become a fan of the shoe. The point of the features of this CrossFit shoe will come later because of the color combination and design of this workout shoes. With the different colors, these shoes are still ruling the market for giving the best support in the running and lifting purposes.

You will get good colors including Black and lime, purple and lime, red and green, black and grey, silver and blue. In this case, you can select any of the colorful CrossFit shoe from those models from any store of the shoes. According to the report of the shoes, the black with lime and silver with blue color CrossFit shoes are the most selling pieces in the market.  

Rubber Sole with Manmade

The rubber sole with manmade feature of CrossFit shoe will give the users always pleasure and a good comfortable feeling. In this case, the users will never feel hurt because of having hard sole and leather in the training and workout shoes. For that reason, you can wear this CrossFit shoe for a long time without any disturbance. Moreover, the design of the shoes also allow extra fresh air to your foot in order to keep your foot away from any type of extra energy lose.

Ideal for Running with Durability

The CrossFit shoe will not have any drop heel for the users with zero midsole. In this case, this feature has a great influenced on the weight of this shoe. For that reason, you will have a low weight shoe in your foot without having any problem. As a result, you can easily running in the field and are in the gym for a long time. In fact, this CrossFit shoe is a perfect and ideal for the gym trainers because they have to stay all day out in the gym to train others. However, this zero mm heel will not allow the users to run for a long time at all. In fact, this shoe is an ideal for the users who used to take short run and gym workout only.

TPU Lacing Support

This CrossFit shoe also has TPU lacing support to the users in order to give them the support during climbing on rope. For that reason, this is also a suitable model of shoe that you use during your workout as well as any adventure. Therefore, you should not miss these secure and stable fit shoes to buy for workout as well as for any adventure too.


  1. Available In Different Colors
  2. TPU Lacing Support with Comfort
  3. No Hard Sole to Hurt Foot
  4. Ideal for Short Running Field


  1. Not Good For Long Run

Inov-8 Bare-XF 210 Shoe will always give you higher quality performance to the users. From 2003, this CrossFit shoe is offering the users good feature and service for enjoying workout time and having good time during adventure with this cool designed shoes.


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