Review of YY Trade Infrared Security Camera


The Sony name is known to create quality electronics with a variety of features to help meet your needs. That is why YY Trade used their technology in their own security cameras, to make sure that their cameras meet a higher standard than the cameras of other competing manufacturers. These cameras are rich in different features, with many extra details taken into account that can be overlooked by even some of the best security system manufacturers. The YY Trade Inc Infrared Camera Wide Angle YY_F25A530 is an YY Trade Inc model that contains many settings and abilities that may easily meet your security needs, and it can be found in some cases for under $100, giving it additional value for the dollar.

Features of the YY Trade Inc Infrared Camera Wide Angle YY_F25A530

·        Waterproof casing with Indoor/Outdoor capabilities.

·        30 LED lights for infrared nightvision.

·        Full 90 degree viewing angle.

·        75 foot viewing distance.

·        High resolution (420 lines).

·        Comes with universal mounting bracket.

·        Uses the Sony Super HAD CCD image sensor and SONY DSP technology.


The Sony Systems used inside the YY Trade Camera are some of the best you can get, with high resolution settings and quality day/night capabilities. The entire camera is designed to protect against the environment, with a sun shield to reduce outdoor sun damage, and a casing that is designed to reduce damage by wind, water, dust and debris. The 90 degree viewing angle is better than many other manufacturers, and the 75 foot night vision distance is very good, with many positive reviews – especially if there is any light coming from farther away. This same camera is used by a variety of security agencies, so it is well spoken for.

While the color of the camera is good, the nightvision is easily its best feature. The LEDs are able to pick up items at a good distance, and it only takes a little bit of light across the way to make the 75 foot visibility very effective.


The camera does not come with a decent power cord, and there are several issues with mounting the device that could easily have been avoided with more mounting options.

Overall Impressions

It is not often that a smaller, less known company is able to make a security camera that outperforms expectations, but the YY Trade Inc Infrared Camera is definitely a quality system. Its main strength is its infrared video component, which is better than most other cameras, even from some of the leading brand names. Its color is decent, and its 420 lines of TV resolution is perfectly within normal standards. Its design is great for setting up indoors or outdoors, and while it could use a different mounting system and a better power cord would certainly be nice, the YY Trade Inc Infrared Camera is still a very solid model, and one that comes at a lower price tag than comparable, less effective models on the market today. You can buy it online here.


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