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Sometimes you’re more interested in the sound than the video footage, and security cameras often don’t cut it there. If you’re trying to pick up the details of a conversation, this list will give you a good start at checking out the technologies that are commercially available in terms of listening devices. There are actually a wide array of devices made commercially available that will let you spy on people’s conversations. Just remember – not all uses of listening devices may be legal, so you need to think about that before buying one and using it on someone you shouldn’t. Also remember that some of these are toys, and they’re designed to be – kids can have all kinds of fun messing around with them, but a listening device made for kids isn’t going to be the same quality as one made for serious use. Versions made specifically for kids are labeled as such.

Listening Device Price List

Name of Listening Device (click for review)List PriceAmazon Price
Supersonic Ear Listening Device (Kid’s Toy)17.9914.99 (Buy Online)
Spy Listener Listening Device (Kid’s Toy)12.9912.99 (Buy Online)

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