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Industrial/Commercial French Fry Cutters – Weston Potato Cutters

Weston Restaurant Quality French Fry Cutter



What first grabbed my attention was the beautiful design of this Weston french fry cutter. This thing looked solid. It looks like you could put some rocks through there and it would cut it up too.

Ok well, maybe that wouldn’t work but this is some heavy duty stuff here.

This french fry cutter from Weston is restaurant quality, meaning it is made to be operated all day long without skipping a beat or breaking down when you need. It’s made to cut 50 pounds of potatoes in one hour. Thats a lot of potatoes!


Cuts potatoes up to 6 inch long into 3/8 inch french fries
Can mount to any flat surface
Heavy-duty cast-iron body, stainless steel components
Disassembles for quick & easy clean-up
Stainless Steel blades

3/8″ is a good size for fries that has a nice balance of crispy with a soft center. However you can also buy separate attachments for smaller fries (1/4″) as well as larger fries (1/2″). This french fry cutter is made to mount on any flat surface. If you want to mount it vertically so the cut fries can be caught in a bowl, it works great that way!

If you have any experience with cast iron, you know how heavy it can get. The body of this Weston fry cutter is fully made of metal (cast-iron), for great durability.

To finish it off, its components are all made of stainless steel, including the blade, for a easy, rust-free, cleaning experience and a nice overall shine to the cutter.

What Other Owners Say:

“If you can afford it, accept no substitutes.”
Yes, this one costs a bit more than standard home french fry cutters. But if you are like me, and you like to splurge on kitchen tools, this one is worth it.

“I mainly bought this french fry cutter to cut the onions… works great.”
You aren’t limited to cutting just potatoes! This person gives a great idea to use it for anything really, even chopped onions. I actually didn’t consider that but it is a great idea. Any kind of vegetables you want to julienne–just pump it through the machine.


“The cleanup time dictates that one must need to slice a number of potatoes in order to break even.”
The cutting blade is like a grid, really like having a ton of knives cutting through the vegetables at once. This user said the starch from the potatoes stuck to the blade, so clean up time took a bit longer than expected, but the user said it was still great for cutting fries.

Cleaning standard stainless steel blades is going to be the same for any other cutter due to the nature of the design and the starchy potatoes.

Read more reviews and see pricing of this professional french fry cutter on Amazon.


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