Although most of us tend to carry cupcakes in batches, there are situations where we still need individual cupcake boxes. For examples, during wedding, you might want to give away one cupcake to each. Alternatively, you might want to give one cupcake for your child to take to school. Regardless of the reason, we need a way to carry individual cupcakes without damaging the frosting.

Below some very beautiful individual cupcake boxes that you might want to consider if you are thinking of buying some.

Individual black and white cupcake boxes

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This lovely black and white cupcake box is from Hewitt. Each box measures 3″ x 3″ x 3″ and has a clear top from which you can view the cupcake. One package costs around USD29 and contains about 24 cupcake boxes.

Individual clear cupcake boxes

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If you want something that display your carefully decorated cupcake in its full glory, then these clear cupcake boxes are perfect. Each plastic box has been designed to hold the cupcake such that it will not be moving when being transported. When put together, these clear cupcake boxes make a beautiful presentation. Finally, they are also very cheap to buy as each 12 box pack costs around USD10.

The only downside is that you need to put the boxes together as they come in unpacked form. If you have lots of boxes to give away, this might take some time

Individual wedding cupcake boxes

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For those who want to give away individual cupcakes for a wedding, then these lovely wedding cupcake boxes are the perfect packaging.  Each box has a heart shape cut off that is very aprpriate for a wedding theme. However, note that there is no ribbon in this package.

In terms of assembly, each box is easy to put together and the end result is very sturdy carrier for your cupcake. For pricing, a pack of 24 wedding cupcake boxes will cost you around USD20.


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