Igloo Water Coolers


Igloo Water Coolers
Igloo Cooler for Marine, Sports Events & Commercial Use

The Igloo water cooler range was designed to meet the public need for compact, large, mobile and modern water dispensers.


From coolers on wheels, to chillers made specifically for the rugged outdoors, the Igloo cooler brand has something for everyone for the next camping trip.

What makes this brand great is that they are designed for practical use, with special product ranges that suit sports events and boating – even lunchtime picnics in the park.

Igloo caters for a wide variety of personal cooling needs.

Their product lines include the Igloo water dispenser range, the Igloo thermoelectric cooler and the most popular – the Igloo marine coolers. Here’s a a complete rundown list of their water cooler range.

Igloo Water Coolers Products Overview

  1. ATC – hard outdoor wheelie range for any terrain.
  2. Cool – traditional cooler box range with handle.
  3. Cool Fusion – top rollers with soft outside, hard inside.
  4. Collapse and Cool – large water cooler range with soft exterior.
  5. Earth – green friendly water cooler made from recycled materials.
  6. Family – hard exterior cooler in a set or a single product.
  7. HLC – heavy duty hard liner cooler box.
  8. Ice Cap – modern roller with wheels.
  9. Ice Cube – square shaped coolers, mobile or standard.
  10. IcyTunes – roller or standard cooler with speakers and amp.
  11. Industrial Grade – large 2-10 gallon cooler range.
  12. Island Breeze – easy stacking and mobile Igloo water cooler designs.
  13. Legend – compact stylized cooler range.
  14. Marine – white modern cooler range, mobile or standard.
  15. MaxCold – large range of hard and soft coolers, mobile or standard.
  16. Patio – party tub with collapsible body.
  17. Picnic Basket – traditional basket design coolers with handle.
  18. Pink Ribbon – pink cooler range in pack, mobile, drawstring and traditional.
  19. Playmate – hard/soft exterior cooler range with different theme designs.
  20. Quick and Cool – extra large white cooler range, with hatch lids.
  21. Realtree – range of camouflage themed coolers, mobile and standard.
  22. Soft – soft exterior Igloo coolers in collapsible and vertical constructions.
  23. Sportsman – large hatch cooler range in army green for outdoors.
  24. Trendy Totes – tote cooler bags with many modern designs.
  25. Wheelie Cool – multiple range wheelie coolers.

Igloo Cooler Unique Features

Products like the Igloo playmate cooler have many features that make this brand a popular choice. Many of their products are mobile, with built in wheels for your convenience.

The Igloo Marine cooler also comes with extended chilling features – some with marine grade insulation and MP3 players.

Igloo is sensitive to product design and couple hard and soft coolers together to make them practical and visually appealing.

Some of Igloo water cooler dispenser units also come with Ultratherm technology. This insulation keeps water and ice cooler for longer. Their cool riser technology prevents hot surfaces from corrupting the cooling process, so that when you go to the beach the hot sand doesn’t affect the contents of your cooler box.

Advantages – the Benefits

Igloo 10 Gallon Seat Top Water Cooler Video Review

  • The Igloo thermoelectric coolers allow for iceless cooling, using power from your vehicle or nearby outlet to continually cool your food and drinks. This means you won’t have to worry about the items in your cooler baking in the hot sun.
  • Igloo also supports sustainable development with their green range of coolers, recycling certain materials for new product lines.
  • Designed to be durable and to fit in with your modern lifestyle, Igloo water coolers are the easiest way to keep your food fresh and cold wherever you are going.
  • All Igloo products are odor and stain resistant, and simple to clean when you’re not at home.
  • If your Igloo product ever breaks, there are replacement parts available – and their advanced insulation technology ensures that items inside the coolers stay ice cold.
Disadvantages – the Downside
  • Some Igloo products can be pricey, like the 10 gallon cooler that goes for $100.00est. While the Igloo thermoelectric cooler is great if you’re near a car, out where there is no electricity it fares the same as less expensive products in the range.
  • The Igloo water coolers can also become impossible to move once they are filled, regardless of the handle on the cooler.

Common Igloo Water Dispenser Problems

Like all camping gears in the market, the Igloo cooler isn’t perfect.

Some common problems include a distinct plastic taste that tinges the water in their coolers, and a bad dispensing lever mechanism that breaks soon after purchase. Clients suggest that certain smaller products leak, though this can be remedied by buying a larger model.

How Igloo Brand Compares to Competitors?

The Igloo water dispenser and cooler range is in direct competition with the equally as popular Rubbermaid range. The only difference is that the Rubbermaid products are slightly less expensive. Click here to see how Igloo 10 gallon water cooler compares to Rubbermaid.

Coleman water coolers boast that their containers keep ice solid for six days, while Igloo admits that 5 days is the limit. These product ranges are similar, but they don’t have the Ultratherm or cool riser technology that Igloo does.

Recommended Best Igloo Water Cooler Reviews

The most highly recommended product is the Igloo 25 Quart Marine Cooler for outdoor activities, because of its durability in all weather conditions.

The Igloo Backpack cooler line is also highly recommended, for style and practical use on the go. The Realtree HLC 24 Can Duffle is also a hit with hunters and outdoor enthusiasts.

Bestcampinggearreviews.com claims that 3 in every 4 households in America own an Igloo water cooler. Their brand is certainly the most well known, and will last for many years in even the toughest conditions.

The key feature that separate Igloo coolers products from others is the styling. There aren’t any better looking coolers than the Igloo range.


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