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If you’re reading this right now, you’re probably looking for information about Idol Lash, the popular eyelash enhancing product. There are a lot of Idol Lash reviews out there already, but most of them spout the usual marketing gimmick in order to fool you into buying it before knowing its pros and cons. We all know that any product has advantages and disadvantages, good and bad, so sugarcoating one side while keeping the other secret is not what this article is all about.

After thoroughly researching, I found out that there are indeed benefits in using this product but also some drawbacks. I believe you should be informed beforehand as well. It’s my job to deliver a quality review in order to erase any doubts if you’re determined to purchase it and start getting those celebrity lashes, or else reinforce your decision if you think that this product just isn’t for you. Let’s read on shall we?

Idol Lash – What it is

It’s a new, eyelash-enhancing product that gives you fuller, longer, and healthier lashes. It has been featured on major news outlets such as FOX, ABC, CNN, and CBS. Furthermore, various magazine cover models have given rave Idol Lash reviews and credit the product for giving them those long, curly lashes that everyone envies. But how does it really differ from all other eyelash-enhancing products out there?

Well, according to my research, it stands out in two unique ways:

  1. The company that creates it is a bona fide member of the Natural Products Association which means that all ingredients  are made from pure, natural extracts. Since there are no artificially created components, the chances of accidental eye or skin irritation is significantly reduced.
  2. This product works on eyebrows too, so you’ll effectively be killing two birds with one stone instead of buying a separate eyebrow enhancer that would cost you more money.

To see some other methods to grow longer lashes see me post on the secret to longer eyelashes here. Also related is my “how to make eyelashes grow” post.

So how does it work?

Per instructions, it should be used once a day, preferably at bedtime. First, you’re supposed to remove all the makeup you have on with a mild cleanser. Second, you apply the product at the base of the upper and lower lash line. It’s worth noting that the amount of liquid on the brush is enough for the upper and lower lash lines of both eyes. Finally, the company guarantees visible results in 28 days with constant use.

As an all-natural product, Idol Lash’s effectiveness is supposedly contained solely in its ingredients. According to its official website, the mixture contains the following elements:

These natural ingredients are cool and all, but what do they really do to affect our lashes? Well, after searching around the net and reading about them, I found out that keratin, protein, and polypeptides make up the structure of our hair. They’re actually the “skeleton” of hair, if you will, giving support and preventing hair from breaking and becoming brittle. Additionally, the vitamins and moisturizing agents make hair healthier and more vibrant by preventing dryness. Finally, the honey, chamomile, kelp, and coconut extracts provide essential nutrients and minerals to enable hair to grow to its fullest capacity.

To see some more before and after photos of Idol Lash and what it can do click here.

Is there any proof that it works? Is it a Scam?

Fair question to ask given all the crap out there these days. Short answer is yes – it seems to. I have a post that goes into this in more detail here – does it work or is it a scam?.

The next section covers what real women experience and also seems to indicate it works.

Is there any real feedback from customers?

Rather than base my this review on testimonials from the company’s website, I hunted around the internet looking for user feedback from actual women who tried the product. It’s essential to look for real reviews that are not from paid writers so that you can really gauge the effectiveness.

These are from two people who started seeing results in less than a month:

From two experienced gals who previously used rival products – Lilash, Mavala, and Latisse:

From Nicola D. Warner who gave her unbiased user Idol Lash review on Amazon:Finally, also from Amazon, is someone who does not notice the difference but gets told otherwise:The general consensus among users is that, while it isn’t a Holy Grail product for your lashes, it definitely shows visible results with constant use.

Where is the best place to buy Idol Lash?

If you’re planning to buy Idol Lash, I would suggest going directly to their official website instead of anywhere else. There certainly are third party vendors who sell this product, but you won’t be able to guarantee the safety of your money if they turn out to be scam sites. Also, the official company website has the following offers not available elsewhere. According to them:

  • The minimum purchase, a one-month supply, is worth $49.95.
  • The two-month supply comes at a discounted $89.95 instead of the usual $100, thus saving you $10.
  • The four-month supply comes at a discounted $149.95 instead of the usual $200, thus saving you $50
  • Finally, the best value, a limited time offer six-month supply, comes at a discounted $199.95 instead of the usual $300, thus saving you $100.

What this means is that the more you plan on buying, the less you have to pay if you purchase in bulk rather than individually. Even if you only want to try the minimum one-month supply, I would suggest seeking out some of your friends who also wish to purchase it, pooling your money together, and buying the limited time offer six-month supply.

One final reminder – please avoid the scam sites that claim to sell the product for a lesser amount or offer other benefits not found on the official website. If their prices do not match with the company’s rates, then it’s probably best to stay clear from them for your own safety.


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