Ideas For Bunk Beds Games


Not only themed bunk beds can offer fun and excitement. Using your imagination, you can teach your kids different types of games that they can play with the help of a classic bunk bed. They are also fun and also cheap. Here are some of the games that classic bunk beds for kids have to offer:

Wild west – another great game idea

The Camping Game

You don’t have to take your kids in the woods in order to have a true camping experience. Simply tuck a bed sheet under the top bunk”s mattress and let it cover, like a curtain, the space between the top and bottom bunk. There’s your tent, the main ingredient of a camping trip. For a better camping experience, play a tape of forest sounds:). Now, inside of the new formed “tent”, tell scary stories, play games and simply have fun. Remember to use a flashlight for a more realistic scenario and just let your imagination go wild.
Follow this link if you are interested in a bunk bed that comes along with a tent.

The Pirate Ship

Pirate ship bunk beds are ultra fun. But if you don’t own one, there are a few little tricks you can sail across the imaginary seas like Jack Sparrow your very own Black Pearl. The captain has the command center on the top bunk, because the prisoners are kept in the bottom bunk. Use as a steering wheel a bucket lid, a paper towel tube as spyglasses and old jewelery as treasures. And what does every pirate own and proudly attaches it to the ship? A Jolly Roger pirate flag. Sail away, Captain!

The Double Decker

Driving a big car is always fun, especially for kids. But what if it’s a big red Double Decker? Well, I think twice more fun! So, by driving from the top bunk, using again as a steering wheel the bucket lid, take destinations from the passengers that are sitting in the bottom bunk bed and drive them around imaginary roads. Also, the driver can sell tickets to the passengers that he has made from paper.

Cops and robbers

By sitting in the top bunk, along with a friend that is riding shotgun, both impersonating police officers, protect the town from bad guys. Also, you can use other friends or stuffed animals as prisoners who can be incarcerated in the bottom bunk bed.

These are just some of the games that your kids can play with the help of their bunk beds. Of course, there many more, so do not focus only on these; let your kids imagination wonder and discover new ways they can transform the bunk bed into a great playground. And also, remember that they always have to be careful in order to prevent any accidents that may happen when playing in the top bunk. Read this post to find out more about bunk beds safety measures.


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