IceMule: The Only Travel Cooler You Truly Need


Now that summer is finally making an appearance, it’s officially time for camping and festival season. If you’re the type to spend your summers having one outdoor adventure after the other, you know that you’ll need to have tools to keep up with you.

When it comes to coolers that you need to be as rugged and durable as possible, your choices are limited.

Hard Coolers vs Soft Coolers vs Cooler Backpacks

A hard cooler is super inconvenient if you’re on the move. A soft cooler is too unpredictable; too much movement, and it can leak, or tear, which is not something you need to deal with. Your best bet then, is to go with a cooler backpack. There are cooler backpacks for leisure, and some that are simply bad ass.

When it comes to buying a good, portable cooler, you need something that is light, well insulated, and won’t leak. An added bonus is finding one that can store everything you need, without killing your back while moving around.

One of the worst things that can happen is getting amped up for a weekend getaway, only to find out that the things you need to pack either won’t fit in your cooler, or will be too heavy to carry around all day. These shortcomings can be found in a lot of cooler backpacks that are not equipped to handle life in the outdoors.

IceMule Leads the Pack to Cooler Summers

Whether it’s padded and adjustable shoulder pads, a cushioned back, or a combination of the two, comfort is key. A contender for the most awesome of the badass cooler backpacks is the IceMule. Not only does it check the boxes of comfort, and style, but it can also fit in approximately 24 cans plus ice. Besides, you can get them in silver, blue, orange, green, and even camo for certain styles, so you can’t really go wrong!

This cooler can be taken everywhere from a trip to the grocery store, or rock climbing in the Grand Canyon. It’s extremely portable, and keeps ice in for up to 24 hours -which is pretty uncommon for backpack coolers.

When you’re at work, and don’t need your cooler (unless there’s free food you want to sneak out), the IceMule rolls up into itself so you don’t need to set aside a lot of shelf space. This cooler floats, meaning you don’t need to worry about sinking your drinks if your boat tips on a fishing trip!

What initially separates the IceMule from its competitors, is the design. Rather than being sewn together, with a zipper to seal everything inside, this cooler has welded rubber seams to help maintain its waterproof exterior, and traditional dry bag approach.

Inside, you’ll find a double layered shell (insulated with foam that you won’t see), and a roll top closure with a side release buckle to make the cooler highly durable, portable, and accessible. You want your cooler to not only be able to go wherever you do, but also be able to keep up with you no matter what you end up doing.


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