Hurricane Spin Scrubber Reviews 2019


Hurricane Spin Scrubber Review

Scrubbing floors, tiles, and walls is a dirty job no one likes – but someone has to do it. It’s all part of maintaining a clean, healthy environment for your family to move around in. But no matter how well you try to clean out stains, scum, dirt, mildew, or grime, you can expect it to come back within just a few days time. So it’s possible that you might spend at least 2 days every week just trying to make sure none of it gets out of hand. For anyone, it can be a difficult, tiring, and tedious feat.

Luckily, there are things you can buy to help ease the entire process of cleaning those tough stains, dirt, and grime. Among the best cleaning companions you can buy today is the Hurricane Spin Scrubber. Promising to ‘do the cleaning for you’, this effortless devices gets the toughest cleaning jobs done so you don’t have to.

Designed to target even the toughest of dirt and grime build-up, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a dream come true for any homeowner that wants to keep a clean home minus all the effort.

Want to learn more about the Hurricane Spin Scrubber? We’ve done the research and tested out the product ourselves to give you this comprehensive review so you can make the right consumer choice.

More About the Hurricane Spin Scrubber

The Hurricane Spin Scrubber features a long reinforced plastic body that houses a rechargeable battery in the handheld end. Each order of a Hurricane Spin Scrubber includes the Hurricane Spin Scrubber unit, a charger, an extension pole, 3 interchangeable heads, and a mesh storage bag.

It works by simply turning the device on and off via a dedicated power button along the shaft of the scrubber. Turning it on causes the head of the unit to rotate 300 times per minute which is more than enough to generate an aggressive cleaning that can address a variety of tough stains and dirt.

Interchanging the heads allows you to clean out different areas of your home for a customized clean. Among other things, the heads can clean out bathroom and kitchen fixtures, floors, walls, tiles, and even stained grout.

One thing that seems to have won over buyers when it comes to the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is the fact that it eliminates the need for a variety of cleaning agents. Allowing you to remove dirt and stains with mild soap and water alone, you can get rid of a bunch of harmful chemicals and cleaning formulations you might have at home. This means your home doesn’t only become cleaner, but safer for everyone living in it.

For hard to reach areas, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber can be used with the included extension pole that doubles the length of the device. This makes it ideal for reaching areas like corners in bathrooms and even your ceilings.

Finally, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is a tough, durable, and robust piece of cleaning equipment that you can use daily for many years. The design was specifically intended for people who clean their homes frequently, so you won’t have to worry about looking for a replacement any time soon after buying the scrubber. But just to be on the safe side, you can purchase a second scrubber at just half the price of the first, so you can have another one in handy just in case your first one breaks down.

Pros of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber

Efficient – The Hurricane Spin Scrubber eases the cleaning process in more ways than one. First of all, it eliminates the need for you to get down and dirty by doing the cleaning for you. All you really need to do is turn the device on, and move it along the areas that you want to clean. Second, it reduces the need for cleaning agents. Enjoy a clean and healthy home with minimal use of harmful chemicals.

Easy – The Hurricane Spin Scrubber boasts ease of use, allowing you to get your cleaning done in as little as two steps. Forget other tools that require lengthy preparation before you can get them going – this scrubber promises easy operation for anyone and everyone.

Effective – The three different scrubbing heads can effectively clean out the toughest of stains and dirt. Plus the powerful 300 rotations per minute make the scrubber highly effective when it comes to combating virtually any cleanliness issues you might experience in your home.

Energy Efficient – The Hurricane Spin Scrubber relies on a built-in battery that you can recharge to get the device working. No need to keep the device plugged in during use means you save on energy costs.

Safe – The Hurricane Spin Scrubber is made to the highest of safety standards. Even with exposure to water and soap, the mechanism inside stays operational and safe because of the secure scrubbing shaft that resists water from entering the device.

Compact – Unlike other cleaning materials and equipment that take up a lot of closet or storage space, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber can be easily disassembled and fitted into an included storage bag for safe keeping. This way, you can put away your scrubber without eating up too much space in your storage.

Cons of the Hurricane Spin Scrubber

  • Inefficient Latch – The heads of the scrubber need to be securely latched on to the shaft for the device to work. It can be tough to click them on, but once they are, the device works seamlessly.
  • Charge Light Indicator – The charging light can sometimes be unreliable, making it difficult to tell whether the unit has completely finished charging.

What Buyers Think

For anyone who loves keeping a clean home, or for people who don’t like cleaning at all, the Hurricane Spin Scrubber is nothing short of a dream-come-true. This smart cleaning tool can significantly ease the cleaning process so you won’t have to get down and dirty.

The interchangeable heads make it a versatile tool that you can use on virtually any surface in your home. With the powerful spinning functionality, you can limit your use of cleaning agents and chemicals to achieve a safer environment inside your home.

Lightweight, compact, energy efficient, effective, and safe, there’s very little that the Hurricane Spin Scrubber needs to improve on. Of course, some issues with the heads’ locking mechanism and charging light may be a problem for some buyers, but all in all, they’re not problem enough to take away from the product’s overall quality and worth.


Cleaning is something that needs to get done, but that doesn’t mean you have to exhaust your efforts for it. If you want to clean your home with greater speed and ease, invest in the Hurricane Spin Scrubber. This top of the line cleaning tool makes cleaning day hassle-free, so you can have more time and energy for the things that matter. Plus at such a affordable price, it’s definitely a steal you wouldn’t want to pass up on.

Say goodbye to scrubbing tiles and grout the traditional way and get it done with minimal effort. Check out the Hurricane Spin Scrubber today and find out why it’s an essential for your home.


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