Hurricane Spin Mop 360 Reviews


Mopping floors can be a major pain in the neck. The repetitive process of gliding your mop across the floor, soaking it in a pail of murky water, and possibly even having to wring it with your own hands just to end up with mediocre results can be very frustrating. So, if you’re tired of the entire process, you might be looking for ways to help ease the entire job.

Well, your search might just end here. The Hurricane Spin Mop is a next generation mop that doesn’t only promise to ease the process of mopping up your floors, but also hopes to cut the time you spend cleaning in less than half.

If you think this mop sounds too good to be true, we’ve got you covered. Find out everything you need to know about the Hurricane Spin Mop and determine whether it’s the right one for you by checking out our complete guide.

At a Glance

It’s not hard to see that the Hurricane Spin Mop isn’t like any other conventional mop on the market. The device features a round shaped head that comes with its own patented bucket. The neck of the mop where the head and the handle meet can be bent, allowing you to reach under furniture and other household items without having to lean down or get on the floor.

The mop heads are removable and replaceable, featuring a simple locking mechanism that you can undo or secure using your feet. On the bucket, you’ll find a pedal that’s used to spin the mop’s centrifugal dryer which cleans the mop of any collected filth so you can say goodbye to barehanded wringing.

Takes the Trouble Out of Mopping

Often when we mop our floors, we end up bending down, reaching over, or even kneeling down on all fours just to reach certain areas of our space. That’s because typical mops don’t offer the same flexibility that the Hurricane Spin Mop does.

With a pivoting mop neck, the Hurricane Spin Mop allows you to reach tough areas without having to move from where you’re standing. This takes out a lot of the physical effort and potential body pain that people experience after mopping. It also makes it a lot easier for older folks or people with disabilities to continue their cleaning obligations without having to go through too much physical stress.

Say Goodbye to Hand Wringing

Possibly the most disgusting and unsanitary part of mopping is wringing the mop head with your bare hands. After all, who wants to touch dirty mop water, risking getting all that filth on your body or worse, in your system?

With the unique bucket that comes with the Hurricane Spin Mop, you won’t have to touch a dirty mop head again. The head fits perfectly into the centrifugal dryer, and the pedal at the front spins the head to wring it of water and filth. After putting the mop through this process, you can expect to have a clean, semi-dry mop head that you can use with confidence on your floor. This also makes it a lot easier to store, eliminating the chances of having mold, mildew, and other bacteria accumulating in your wet mop head during storage.

A More Efficient Clean

One of the reasons why mopping can be so frustrating is because no matter how much you try to get your space clean with your mop, the results are rarely ever satisfying. That’s because the typical mopping process doesn’t completely get rid of the dirt collected from the mop. So every time you dip your mop into the bucket and use it to run over a new area of your floor, you end up just spreading whatever dirt you already collected over a different part of your space.

The Hurricane Spin Mop gives a better clean by giving you a fresh, clean mop head after every spin in the bucket. The fibers on the mop are also specially designed to cling to filth, and release them once placed in the centrifugal dryer so you can be sure that all the dirt you collect is being washed away where it needs to go.

Completely Hands-Free

Aside from the wringing, switching out the mop head is also completely hands free. The mop head can be replaced with other compatible mop heads for the brand. The process entails nothing more than stepping on a mechanism on the head, and then pulling the handle to release the head. Placing a new mop head is as easy as placing the handle over the new head and then pressing down to secure.

With this fast, easy, and hands-free replacement, you can keep the mopping process completely sanitary and convenient, perfect for preventing contamination.

Pros of the Hurricane Spin Mop

  • Efficient wringing process eliminates the need to use hands. The mop is cleaned out and semi-dried after being spun in the bucket, making for a much more efficient wringing process.
  • Achieve a better clean after every spin, avoiding the spread of germs, dirt, and filth throughout your space with poorly wrung mop fibers.
  • Easy head replacement is hands-free and simple.
  • Flexible mop head and handle let you mop hard to reach areas without moving from your spot.

Cons of the Hurricane Spin Mop

  • The make and material of the mop is subpar, causing it to feel flimsy and breakable in the hands.
  • Mop head can only sustain up to 300 washes, requiring replacement thereafter.

The Verdict

The Hurricane Spin Mop is a bright idea that helps ease one of the many things we often hate. Certain adjustments to the mop’s make and material would have made it a great product, but for some buyers, it falls short of durability. Regardless, it does get the job done, so if you want a better mopping experience, the Hurricane Spin Mop just may be worth the cost.


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