Hurricane Spin Broom Reviews


Sweeping floors is one of the most common cleaning activities in any household. Dirt, crumbs, and other small particles often find their way to our floors, giving it a dusty, grainy feeling under barefeet. So it’s only natural that we need to clean them out regularly to make sure our homes are free from dangerous environments that could encourage the accumulation of germs and bacteria.

Unfortunately, that old broom and dustpan method you’ve been using is barely picking up half of the dirt on your floor. In fact, the typical sweeping tools we use only spread out the dirt, moving it from one place to another, and not really cleaning them up off of our floor.

If you’re tired of spending so much time and effort with a method that gives half-baked outcomes, it’s time you checked out the Hurricane Spin Broom. This state-of-the-art cleaning tool promises to change the way you sweep floors forever, giving you a cleaner home in less time and with less effort.

Find out how the Hurricane Spin Broom plans to switch up your cleaning routine by checking out our comprehensive review.

At a Glance

The Hurricane Spin Broom looks a lot like a futuristic broom, with a large hood that conceals the broom’s bristles as well as the built-in dirt compartment where collected debris is temporarily kept as you clean.

Compared to the typical broom design, the Hurricane Spin Broom is definitely bulkier, larger, and heavier. Regardless, it still is lightweight enough, especially considering the fact that it has a dustpan built into the design.

Street Sweeper Inspiration

The Hurricane Spin Broom features three concealed round broom heads that work a lot like a street sweeper. The heads spin as a result of the broom’s internal mechanism which is activated as you push the broom over your floor. When the broom heads spin, they pull in any dirt in their path, and push them into a built-in dust pan that’s also concealed under the broom’s hood.

The design is unique, effective, and efficient, keeping any dirt collected off of the floor, unlike typical broom designs that tend to leave behind a large amount of dirt and dust because of its poor coordination with a separate dustpan.

Lightweight and Ergonomic

Many brooms have very short handles that require users to bend down and forward just to sweep up their floors. The Hurricane Spin Broom changes that with its ergonomic design that encourages users to stand upright all throughout the cleaning process. This reduces strain on the back, and makes it a great choice for elderly users or people who experience body and back pain.

The entire broom weighs just 1.5 pounds, making it easy to carry around where you need to bring it. This also makes it easy to store, just by leaving it standing in a concealed area of your home or in your storage space.

Concealed, Built-in Dustpan

One of the reasons why typical brooms are ineffective is because they require the use of a separate dustpan that often fails to collect all the dirt you sweep up. The Hurricane Spin Broom eliminates that by the use of a built-in dustpan that keeps all collected debris in a secure compartment until you release it for throwing away.

The one-touch compartment opens up and tosses out all the collected filth with a single press of a button, making it an effective waste management and storage solution that keeps dirt off of your floor and in your trashcan where it needs to be.

Versatile, for a Variety of Uses

The Hurricane Spin Broom features strong bristles that resist moisture, so they don’t absorb any fluid or liquid around your space. That means you can use the broom even for wet food without damaging the bristles or causing moisture to seep into the device. The broom can also be used in many different environments, and even outdoors so you can enjoy the benefits of an efficient clean anywhere in your home.

Pros of the Hurricane Spin Broom

  • Bristles are positioned in a way that allow them to reach even tight corners and spaces in your home.
  • Moisture resistant brush heads prevent the build up of germs, bacteria, and unwanted odors.
  • Concealed dust pan collects all dirt and keeps it in place until you dump them out, so you can be sure that anything you sweep stays clean.
  • Lightweight, ergonomic, and easy to carry around, eliminating the physical effort usually required when using a typical broom.

Cons of the Hurricane Spin Broom

  • Only sweeps in one direction.
  • The spinning mechanism requires some force to activate the broom heads.
  • The handle feels flimsy and easy to break.
  • May require some repeated use to pick up smaller particles of debris.

The Verdict

While the concept behind the Hurricane Spin Broom is smart, there is room for improvement. Regardless, it does sweep better than most brooms and dustpans, so it may serve a worthy purpose in your home if you find it a fit for your needs and preferences.


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