How to Use Smooth Away as Instructed


Smooth Away is a product that deals with the removal of hair on various parts of your body that you’d rather be left bare, for example: hair on your armpits, upper lip, chin, legs, arms, and the sensitive bikini line. What sets Smooth Away apart from the rest is that it claims to be inexpensive (in the short term), and pain-free. For a more detailed discussion about this product, see our Smooth Away review.

For those of you who already own the product and would like to learn more about how to use Smooth Away effectively, check out the rest of this article for some tips and tricks!

Section Shortcuts

An Overview From the Top

With each Smooth Away pack, there are ten pads available. Five pads are large and should be used on your arms and legs, while the remaining five are mini-sized and should be used on your upper lip, chin, and bikini line. Each pad is lined with a rough material (or “superfine crystals” as the company names it) that when rubbed on the skin literally buffs the hair away due to the friction. However, the process is pain-free because the hair is not uprooted or pulled but turned into fine dust due to the rubbing action. The pads are safe and effective and will not cause any cuts like razors do, nor does it use any harmful chemicals like hot waxing does.

Detailed Instructions:

  1. Select which spot you would like to work on. If you want to remove hair from large and less sensitive parts of your body like the legs and arms, use the large Smooth Away pad. Otherwise, small and sensitive spots like the lips, chin, face, and bikini area will need the small pad.
  2. Smooth Away works on all lengths of hair. However, it will do its job quickly if the hair is shorter. If the hair you want to remove is relatively long, it is recommended to trim it to a manageable length before using the product.
  3. Secure the pad on your fingers and rub on the hairy area in gentle, circular motions. Alternate clockwise and counter clockwise to ensure that all the hair will be completely dealt with.
  4. The hair will literally be buffed away due to the circular motions. Also, dead skin will be removed and exfoliated as an added bonus due to the friction, leaving your skin hairless and smooth.
  5. Wash away any unwanted hair particles that are left clinging to your skin and admire your hair-free legs.

Each large pad lasts about two full rounds on your legs, leaving you with more than enough replacement supply with the four extra large pads and the five mini-pads. Smooth Away works on men as well and is a great alternative to introduce to younger ladies who may be afraid to use a razor.

Alternative to the Costly Smooth Away

All things considered Smooth away is not a bad option when it comes to hair removal but it has a big disadvantage. The cost of the replacement pads is large in the long term. A lot of users who were former advocates of Smooth away have been voicing this concern after owning it for over a year. Both they and this site have been looking for alternatives. We’ve reviewed multiple options and all things considered the Nono hair replacement system has several positive things going for it. You can see more about why in the review of it over here


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