How to use an artificial vagina?


If you don’t own one already, it’s probably just a matter of time before you buy yourself an artificial pussy, whether it’s an inexpensive pocket pussy or one of the deluxe porn star sculpts complete with vibrating pussy and ass. Believe me; these are much better than using that rolled up towel with the garbage bag inside. That might have been good enough when you were in the service, but today’s artificial vaginas are much better, with lifelike synthetic skin and additional features that will curl your toes.

Using any kind of artificial vagina is very intuitive. Let’s use the familiar pocket pussy as our example. Before you use the toy, be sure to apply plenty of lube to your cock. The new synthetic skins such as CyberSkin and UR3.0 are soft and smooth, but you’ll still be much more comfortable thrusting your cock in and out of the toy if you’ve used a generous amount of lube. Friction burns there are no fun.

Once you’re ready to take the plunge, just glide your cock into the artificial pussy. If you’ve used the towel and garbage bag jerry-rigged toy, you already know your way around a pocket pussy. Either thrust into the toy or run it back and forth over your cock, whichever is easier and more comfortable for you. Let the artificial vagina work its magic, and blow your load when you just can’t resist anymore. It’s just like riding a bike, except that you don’t have to worry about falling off a pocket pussy. Once you’ve finished using your artificial vagina, clean the toy according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Never forget this step—neglect it and you’ll have a really funky smell coming from the sock drawer you’re using to store the pocket pussy in.

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Artificial pussies are easy and intuitive to use—any special vibration features will be explained in detail in the instructions. For the most part, all you have to do is lube up and then do what comes naturally. You can’t beat artificial vaginas.

How to make an artificial vagina using a plantain bananas?

When life hands you a lemon, make lemonade. When life hands you a plantain, make a pocket pussy. That’s what Mom always told me, anyway, and that advice has never steered me wrong. When you need a little something extra for your forays into masturbation, the noble plantain can be your best friend. The only other pieces of equipment you’ll need for your plantain banana pocket pussy are duct tape and a microwave. So let’s get this show on the road.

To begin, take your duct tape and wrap it tightly around one end of the plantain, then keep wrapping until you’ve got 2/3 of the plantain wrapped up in duct tape. You’ll probably want two or three layers of tape on your plantain pocket pussy to give it a little structural support. Once you’ve wrapped that rascal, put it into the microwave and let it run on the oven’s high setting for about 15 seconds.

Once you’ve removed your pocket pussy, let it cool down if it’s hot to the touch. Different microwaves generate more power at their various settings, so err on the side of caution to avoid scorching your cock when you insert it into your plantain pocket pussy. You want your finished product to be as warm as human flesh, but not red hot. Once the plantain’s cool enough, cut the exposed tip off of the plantain and squeeze the plantain’s filling out into a bowl until you’ve got it hollowed out. Presto! You’ve make your own pocket pussy, one that’s going to feel much more lifelike than those surgical gloves that you keep on wrapping up into your towels.

This method will allow you to make a pocket pussy for pennies a service. Plantains don’t cost very much per pound and duct tape’s no big deal either. You can use regular bananas in a pinch, but the plantain’s larger size makes for a better pocket pussy. Be sure to share this valuable information with friends and enjoy your plantain pocket pussy.


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