How to use a Doorway pull up bar?


Health is wealth. This is the statement everyone believes upon but still most of us ignore our health either due to other responsibilities or negligence. Maintaining a good health does not involve any rocket science, you just have to change a few habit of yours. The first thing you must add into your life is healthy diet full of fresh vegetables and fruits. The second most important thing needed for a healthy body and fresh mind is exercise.

How to Use Pull Up Bar?

If your chest is heavy or your shoulders have extra fat or you feel that your upper body is not well toned then you must start performing pull ups. You may buy a pull up bar and keep it at home as it does not require mush space. Here, it is important to mention that the effectiveness of a pull up exercise highly depends on the way you perform it. If you fail to maintain a certain posture for a specific time then you will not yield desired results. So, it is very important to learn how to use pull up bar in such a way as to get maximum benefit from it.

Step By Step Guide

Following is a step by step guide for getting to know how to use a pull up bar.

Step 1: Stand Straight

You must stand straight before starting the workout. Stand in such a way that your shoulders and feet should be a width apart from each other. Stand just below the bar in such a position that your hands can easily grab the handles.

Step 2: Jump Upwards

Start the exercise by jumping in such a way that your hands reach the handles. You must grab both the grips with both your handles. Most of the pull up bars has foam on grips to avoid slipping as it may cause serious injury. In step 2, your body should be suspended in air such that your feet are not touching the floor.

Step 3: Bend Your Knees

Now, you have to get yourself ready for the exercise but before this you have to do things. Firstly, bend your knees and secondly you must also cross your ankles. Here, the question arises what is the purpose of doing so? Both these things will help you in maintaining a balanced position. It is relatively easier to perform workouts when you are in a balanced position.

Step 4: Pull Yourself Up

Now is the time to start pull ups. The name of this exercise itself explains everything. In this exercise, you just have to pull your body upwards. When you try to do so then your body weight creates resistance and it is this resistance that applies pressure on our chest, arms, shoulders and other upper body areas as a result of which the upper body gets toned. In step 4, you have to pull up your body such that your chin reaches parallel to or above bar.

Step 5: Get Back

In this step, you have to lower back your body to the original position such that your elbows are straight.

Step 6: Do Repetitions

You have to pull up and down your body repeatedly without letting it touch the floor. Do it as fast as possible. You will feel it difficult in the start but will get used to it afterwards. Perform this workout for at least 20 minutes every day.

Note: If you want to get maximum output from this workout then keep both the grips wide at a huge distance from each other as it will increase resistance. You can adjust the height and width of pull up bar as per your requirements.


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