How to Turn Fat Into Muscle: The 7 Secrets to Success

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 Howdy! This begins our first article series here on
In this series of going to lay down the basics and spell out the seven things that you must do and know about to lose the most fat quickly.

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Without further ado let me list them for you with a brief explanation of what each will entail. Subsequent posts will go into each subject in much more detail and give you everything you need to know to lose your belly fat.

  1. You can’t improve what you don’t measure. It’s the truth. As the Cheshire cat said to Alice “if you don’t know where you’re going than any road you take will get you there”. You’re going to need to start out by recording your current vital statistics and your current intake and proceed from that point. The worry is not as difficult or time-consuming as you’re probably thinking it is and I’ll be here to help you every step of the way.
  2. Move your butt. If you want to drop that fat and especially if you want to drop it quickly you’re going to have to move. The speed with which you lose your unwanted weight is going to be directly proportional to the effort that you put forth. Thankfully there’s really no need to spend endless hours on a lifecycle in the gym. I’ll show you some less stressful and easily accessible ways to burn off those extra calories – but you will need to lift some weights.
  3. Frequency of meals. This may not sound like a big deal but believe me it is. Due to the endothermic effect another while logical processes that will be discussing in detail the frequency of meals as a huge bearing not only on how fast you lose weight but also on how your body treats the food that you put into it and how easy it will be for you to stay with your weight loss plan.
  4. The big three macro-nutrients… Without going into so much detail that even a licensed nutritionist would fall a sleep with boredom I will explain to you what each of these three main macro-nutrients categories does for your body and how they affect your tabs and lose weight. Don’t worry, were not going to go on a melted butter only diet. Nor are we going to sit around munching rice cakes and swallowing popes of air in an attempt to starve ourselves. It’s not that hard to lose weight and you can do it without starving. (Note that I said without starving — not without being hungry.)
  5. How big is your plate? In this section were going to discuss some strategies for reducing the size of your individual meals. These will go hand-in-hand with a meal frequency techniques that will be implementing. We’re going to be delving into subjects that you may have heard about for recently: mindful eating. I think you’ll see that once you get into this and start practicing it, things are going to move along more quickly and more easily than you would’ve expected.
  6. How bad you want it? We’ve all got our own reasons for wanting to lose weight and get into shape. And of course, on this most basic level we all know exactly what to do. In fact I could throw up a website with the only two things that you need to do that would make for interesting reading. Here they are: exercise more eat less Not too thrilling,? So knowing what to do is not nearly enough is it? We’ve got to know how to develop a plan tailored to ourselves and our own needs and how to convince ourselves to stick with it. I’m going to help you there.
  7. You big cheater! So many times people derail their own efforts by slipping in Minnesota for giving themselves and getting back on track giving up altogether. There’s no need to do that. We’re going to discuss what to do when you cheat and also — when you should cheat.

I’m going to enjoy writing the series and I hope you’re going to enjoy reading it. The subject has been a source of fascination and despair (ha ha ha) for me for years and I think I’ve tried and learned about just about every tip or trick strategy and technique in the book.

If you’ll take the time to read through these techniques, learn the material, and put it into practice I think you’ll find that burning off your stomach fat is not nearly as arduous and unforgiving a task as it may seem to you right now.

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