How to Size Women’s Boxing Gloves


As women are now having the needs of practicing their body to get a healthy life, they also get to know more about high intensity workouts such as weight-lifting or boxing. To help support them in the practicing process, some manufacturers tend to release products which are suitable with women. Take a deeper look, the boxing gloves play important part when you get to know more about this exercises.
In fact, the gloves will protect people from unexpected problems which damage seriously to the body. As more and more boxing manufacturers seem to rise in the market, women also consider to purchase one pair of high quality boxing gloves.


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In this article, you can get the information which are useful when purchasing one pair of boxing gloves. For instance, which types and sizes that suitable for each woman,

Types of boxing gloves

Since boxing has developed rapidly, women also take part in this activity to fulfill various purposes. For instance, they often pick one type of boxing among bag training, sparring or cardio to get a great shape for their body.

And for each type of boxing gloves, there are suitable designs for the movements. Here are some common types that you should understand

  • Bag Gloves– this one comes in various shapes and sizes. When purchasing one high quality pair, it means that you can utilize it for such a long time. Since individuals tend to hit the boxing bags, this type of glove tends to support the wrist and your knuckle.
  • Aerobic gloves– similar to some outdoor sports, boxing is also one form of aerobic. It includes the kickboxing, fitness and cardio style. These gloves are especially designed for protect the hand of individuals when hitting bags. However, they are not encouraged to use for heavy movements.

For those who participate in boxing for reducing the cardiovascular diseases, this one is suitable for you. In addition, one aspect which makes it common to people is the most affordable price.

  • Fight gloves– As other models of gloves tend to put protection as the first priority, this one tends to maximize the power when hitting your opponents. This type comes in various colors with its size ranges from 11- 13 ounces.

For fighting, the professional one produces the weight from 8 to 12 ounces. Although the fight gloves offer great power for boxers, it will not last for long time if you love to have one long-lasted pair.


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How to pick up the size?

When you have a loose pair of glove, it can brings more unexpected problems as when you are wearing no gloves. In contrast, gloves which are too tight will interrupt the circulation of blood in your hand. In addition, individuals will find it hard to make their movements.

In this part, you just need to follow these steps for getting a good pair of boxing gloves for your own.

· Step 1: 

Take a piece of tap and them it around your hand, especially the wrist and the palm. In addition, it is better if you measure the length of your wrist and fingertips respectively. Individuals should not these measurements so that they can remember.
In term of the size, the small or medium size of women’ boxing gloves is when your wrist measurement is approximately 6 – 7 inches. When the wrist is measured larger compared with those sizes, you need to pick up a large one.

· Step 2:

When mentioning about the type, there are two different types including the rear-weighted and the front-weighted one. For most people, they cannot differentiate between two different boxing gloves.
According to some experts, individuals especially beginners should pick up the front one. The reason is because this type will allow you to practice easier when you haven’t participated in boxing classes in the past.

· Step 3: 

Besides the design, the size of those boxing gloves always plays an important aspects. To illustrate, the size must be suitable with each boxers so that they can balanced effectively among different parts of the body.
Let’s read out some sizes below to decide which one is suitable for you:

  • If you weight 100 lbs, you will need a 10-oz boxing glove
  • If you weight 125 lbs, you will need a 12-oz boxing gloves
  • If you weight 150 lbs, you will need a 14-oz boxing gloves
  • If you weight more than 150 lbs, you will need a 16-oz boxing gloves

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· Step 4: 

Cover your hand and wrist with tape before trying on the boxing gloves. Since the women’ hand is tended to be taped over during the boxing process, then this method has a huge impact on the fit of your hand. However, this way is as easy as trying one pair of socks on your feet when wearing shoes.

· Step 5: 

At this step, try to be patient and try on different weights and sizes of women’ boxing gloves which are sold in the store chains. When putting them on, don’t forget to lace them up and tighten the Velcro strap.
When doing this, it means that you can realize whether this sizes or weights fit you or not. If not, you can continuously try on others until you find the best pair for your own.

· Step 6:

When picking the first pair, you can start to try one the smaller or bigger one respectively. In fact, boxing gloves for participants are divided into 3 basic groups including the small, medium and larger one. Therefore, it is not too difficult for you to pick one suitable pair.
During the boxing process, it is acceptable that you pick up a tight pair of glove rather than the loosen one. The loose boxing gloves are more likely to stretch out when making various movements at the same time.

As a great number of women now becoming familiar to boxing, manufacturers have produced suitable gears for supporting their boxing process. However, when purchasing one pair of boxing gloves, you have to understand about the technique, designs, styles, functions and other information to fulfill the needs effectively. Hopefully this article can give you a general knowledge when choosing your ideal pair.


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