How To Quiet A Portable Generator


Lots of people use small, portable, gas powered generators around their homes, on camping trips, or in residential areas for home repairs. Portable generators are great. They’re pretty affordable, fuel efficient and convenient to use…. the problem is that most of them are noisy. Sometimes too noisy. Having a quieter generator will be appreciated by everyone around you, whether it’s a neighbor in a subdivision or a neighbor in a campground.

In this free video guide, learn how you can take virtually any model generator and safely install a small muffler from your local auto-parts store yourself. Although a small weld is required in order to attach the muffler’s adapter, the process shown in the video is inexpensive and very straightforward. This is not the only way to quiet a portable generator but I liked the idea that with this method you have the option to place the noisy exhaust outside a doorway if desired. Decibel tests also show that noise levels were reduced by more the 40% with this technique.


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