How to purify water


How To Purify Water

There are different ways to purify water. There are some basic methods like boiling that don’t require many technicalities and there are other methods that are a bit technical. However, the most effective forms of water purification have to eliminate water contaminants up to 99.9% level. Below are some traditional and modern ways of making water pure for drinking.


This is probably the simplest way of purifying water. Virtually everybody can bring water to a boiling point. All you need is a boiling container and a heating system. Although this method is effective at killing bacteria, the water usually ends up tasting flat due to loss of oxygen when boiling. Also, a lot of minerals mat be lost in the water from this process.

Purifying With Chorine

Another good way of purifying water and make it safe for drinking is by adding chlorine. You can add 1/9th teaspoon of chlorine per gallon and shake the water properly. Allow the chlorine to circulate for 30 minutes before drinking. Usually the chlorine smell should have faded, but if not, give it more time before drinking. Just like the boiling method, the chlorine method of water purification is effective at destroying bacteria but does not remove other contaminants from water.

Pitcher Water Filters

This is another popular method of purifying water. The filtration device is not expensive and does a considerable job at purifying water for safe drinking. It also effectively removes contaminants from water. But the filtration device is usually small and requires constant refilling to serve a large family.


This method is similar to boiling but was intended for industrial purposes. During distillation, water is brought to a boiling point and then allowed to condense. The process requires the use of energy and may not be economically viable. It may not also take care of all types of contaminants in water.

Faucet water filters

This water purification method stands out as the best method of purifying water. This is because it keeps contaminants out of water and also leaves the minerals that contribute so much to our health. Other types of water purification methods may not completely remove parasites and pathogenic chemicals from water. The best faucet water filters will usually remove 99.9% of contaminants in water. If you are looking for where to buy a faucet water filter, there are several options available to you. But Amazon provides the most competitive pricing for all types of faucet water filters. There are different sizes of the faucet water filters. If you have a large family, you will be better off buying the larger filter for more volume of water.

In conclusion, an efficient method of purifying water will properly remove harmful chemicals, parasites, cysts, pathogenic bacteria, and viruses from water. When buying a water purification device, it is better to get the most effective one to keep your drinking water totally free from contaminants. And the faucet water filter is second to no other filtration device. A look at faucet water filter review on the internet will show you that most of their products have more than 4.5 consumer ratings. This goes a long way to affirm its effectiveness and thoroughness in purifying water for drinking.


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