How to purchase the best boxing gloves?


Among those outdoor activities, nowadays people start to workout in lots of fitness center to achieve a shape body. Boxing is also one effective type of exercises which is common towards a great number of people. Therefore, even when you are just a normal person who love fitness, especially boxing, you will need lots of gloves for changing during the time.

Understand the need of individuals, manufacturers have now produced boxing gloves in various designs, sizes and shapes. So, how can individuals understand which one is suitable for them? This article will show you the methods for choosing a proper pair of boxing gloves.


As other accessories, boxing glove was also made of different types of materials including synthetic, leather or artificial leather.
Leather gloves

This type is the one which has been recommended by lots of people. Although it may cost a little bit compared to other materials; however, users can feel comfortable when using for such a long time without wearing out.
For those who just intend to buy boxing gloves for training in the fitness center, the materials can depend on your favor. However, training sessions are more likely to require boxing gloves made of high quality materials.
Artificial leather (known as PU)

PU or artificial leather is for children or adult who start to learn boxing. When individuals have become familiar with this practice, PU gloves can be replaced with a premium one.



In the market, most boxing gloves come with a standard design for each model. There will be padding designed around the knuckles, the space for your thumb is created tightly and there is also one closing mechanism of the gloves.

1.There are 2 basic types including the classic type and gloves with Velcro enclosures. With this classic gloves, you often see people tie the gloves on their neck when watching movies on television. However, when using this type of boxing gloves, it will take you lots of time for wearing.

2. Second is the glove with Velcro enclosures. One advantage when using these gloves is that individuals can wear and take off by themselves without needing support from others.


The size of boxing gloves is one important aspect that most people have to keep in mind. Gloves come in different weight for different types of individuals. For example, children can choose 6oz, professional boxers are more likely to pick up gloves in 20 ounces. In addition, if you plan to practice heavy-weight exercises, 20 ounces in term of size is recommended.
When picking the boxing glove, it must offer users the comfortable feeling and the improvement in the speed. Most people often assume that they must buy the glove which fits their hand perfectly; however, it is just right in some cases.


Actually, knowing how to pick up the right weight for boxing gloves is a little bit hard. The weight often depends on the type of body and the level of protection for individuals. One interesting thing that most trainers often purchase heavy gloves is that heavier weight will result in better workout.
One tip to measure your hand is that when trying the boxing glove, let’s put the hand wraps on your hand. By applying this method, you can understand the feeling when wearing your gloves and obviously you need to buy a bigger one.
For those who are still new to boxing gloves, this criteria will help you pick the suitable one.
6oz – can be used for young children from 6 to 8 years old
8oz – suitable for women and teenager who start to learn boxing
10oz – use for events and competition
12oz – starter size for men
14oz – individuals should choose when becoming familiar with friends
16oz – used by experienced or heavy weight boxers
One aspect that individuals should keep in mind is that the gloves must be fit especially. You can buy one pair of glove for your own with the instruction of your instructor. And pay attention to the purposes of using as well.


Obviously, when intend to purchase anything, individuals will confuse between the higher prices go along with premium quality or the cheaper one. Therefore, how to know which gloves is suitable with you?


Consider the frequency you will utilize the gloves for training. For instance, when you intend to box for twice a week, it is recommended that you should invest in a high-quality boxing gloves.

For those who can afford the price, it is better to pick up leather for the gloves since this materials will offer the durability and light-weight feature for individuals. However, gloves made of synthetic materials is not a big problem.


Personally, the color depends on individual’s flavor or company. Just pick the one that you feel comfortable and confident when using.

Pay attention to the safety

When purchasing the boxing gloves, individuals often pay attention to the design of your thumb’s part. The glove was designed to protect especially the thumb to prevent unexpected problems or some accidental eye gouges.
It is suggested that you should wear one headgear. This accessory often made of leather or other artificial materials.
Hand wraps are one indispensable thing during the boxing process. These things will help support for the wrists and keep the gloves stay stable in your hand.
Wear a guard for protecting your groin when you are undertaking different types of sparring activities.

Boxing is one common sport which has become well-known towards a great number of people. However, the first important thing is that individuals must know how to pick up a proper pair of boxing gloves. Hopefully this article will lend you a hand in choosing your own boxing gloves.


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